Week 1 of marathon training in the books!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is my rest day, and I feel it was well deserved. Week ONE of marathon training and Week TWO of P90X3 DONE. AH. I know I have said this 39, 000,000 times already this week, BUT I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back. I knew I missed marathon training but I didn’t know I missed it THIS much.

This weeks training was great. I aim for 4 runs minimum when training for the full and I accomplished that. My distances were:
Sunday: 12.24 km
Tuesday: 8.74 km
Wednesday: 5.25 km
Friday: 10.06 km

Total distance for the week: 36.29 km

I post all my running on my Dailymile and I referred back to last January. I am probably going to surpass my monthly distance this January compared to January 2013. Which isn’t a huge deal since I was just getting ready to start instructing the 10 km clinic. My distance in 2013 wasn’t that high obviously with no marathons or half marathons on the radar at all. But I love looking back. I’ve used Dailymile for a good 2 years now and it is fun to look back. Running nerd. I know.

My body definitely feels a transition again. It is sore, in a good way. I swear I have been on a runner high pretty much all week. It has been a blast. Sooooo good to be back.



Yesterday I answered emails, checked in with my challenge group members and got into my workout. P90X3 Agility X! I love this one! But really…I love all the disks I’ve done so far!




After getting some Shakeology in me, I suited up for my run. I let my legs decide what distance and pace they wanted to go. Then I looked at my watch and noticed I was about 9.25 km and almost home. Being the crazy I am, I thought I should even it up so I ran around the block a few times to get get closer to 10 km. I know I am not the only runner that does this. Where you run back and forth in front of your place just to even up your garmin reading?




Then, my good friends Jen and Andrew had Matt and I in for dinner! They made us a delicious dinner! They couldn’t make my birthday on Sunday so they had us over which was so sweet of them! They kept asking Matt what I would want them to make for dinner but I NEVER can think of anything when people ask “what if you favourite dinner” since anything involving food pretty much does it for me.

They made a yummy healthy meal of chicken, rice and asparagus. The chicken was stuffed and had cranberry and something else in there. Twas good! We also started with crab stuffed mushrooms. To. Die. For.




It was actually pretty comical. Matt and I almost always bring wine when we are invited to peoples places and we have a bottle that was 3/4 full so I told Matt we could bring that since I won’t be drinking for a few months and then we also brought a bottle of wine had made. We get there? NONE of us are drinking at the moment. That almost never happens but it was a good laugh.

QQOD 1: Runners, do you try and even out your GPS reading by running up and down your street as well?

QQOTD2: If you are working towards a fitness goal or trying to lose weight, do you stop drinking alcohol like I do? or am I just a weirdo?



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