Sleepy Saturday

Woohoo! So Matt didn’t have to work so that was a nice surprise! We had a very ‘lax’ day. Slept in, did some organizing, some work and then Matt had to get his hair cut. So he dropped me off to get a few groceries. I am going to Costco with my girl Gabe today but there are some things I don’t buy at Costco or they just simply don’t have.

Jenn being a newbie blogger forgot to take photos…. yup.

I also made a KILLER greek salad because we had so many tomatoes and cucumbers that I wanted to get through. So I picked up some feta to toss on top. Oh my gosh. Newest obsession!

We watched the Jets hockey game and then watched the Canucks game later on. Both our teams won. Always good.

Then I planned my Sunday long run route. Woohoo 16 km!

Before I set off on my run, a good thing to remember:

QQOD: Has your reason for running changed since you first started?


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