Motivational Monday: It is 100% mental

Sunday Runday!

My Sunday LSD run was scheduled for 16 km (just under 10 miles for those who use that conversion). To be honest, mentally it was a tougher run. I was happy I got to sleep in a bit until 8 am but man, there were many points in the run where I was having mental tantrums. But I kept trucking. My pace has slowed down a bit since my last marathon training, but hey! It is more important to listen to my body at this point. I don’t think a PR will be in my mind for BMO Vancouver, as it shouldn’t be. It should be about getting back into the swing of things. So hard for me to type that since I am SO competitive with myself! But it is better than going out and injuring myself because I am not listening to my body. Sub 4 hours marathon again? that may have to wait.IMG_3118

I wore my FAVORITE compression crops. These are by CW-X compression and they are PHENOMENAL. However, they do require the “skinny jean” dance when putting them on. Oh don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about (unless you don’t wear skinny jeans..then that is valid). The shaking, jumping up and down, pulling them up as you shake your booty around. It isn’t a good look, but they look sleek when on! plus they help with recovery post run, so I am happy with that.

I ran around Oak Bay, Fairfield, Cook St,  James Bay, and downtown. Went to two of my favorite spots in Victoria as well. Beach Dr (through the golf course) and King George Terrace. That spot on Beach Dr. I LOVE because of the beautiful view off in the ocean towards the lighthouse. As for King George Terrace? well…it is just a plain ol’ fun hill to run and I am nutzo so, it had to be done.

Got home and put on THESE bad boys.


I know they aren’t the most attractive, but sometimes they feel SO good after long runs. However, from what I remember, they are painful on the longer ones around 18 miles. Like walking on needles. So these really only get pulled out on weekday runs and runs under 25 km.

I ended my run and made breakfast RIGHT away. I was ravenous. Hello bacon, eggs topped with feta and half a grapefruit. Oh. Don’t forget the amazing cinnamon bun latte I whipped up. I think next time I will better blend the spices with the almond milk because it was a bit “powdery.” Basically just mixed stevia, cinnamon and cocoa powder with almond milk. Frothed it with my Nespresso maker. Added a shot of espresso. Et voila! YUM.

My good friend, neighbor and fellow blogger, Gabe and I have made a pretty sweet deal. We are making Costco dates a thing. Pretty awesome since we live 2 floors away from each other. Makes it super easy!

“Hey Ill meet ya in the parkade!”

After our date, I made a killer Greek salad with chicken. Gosh, I think I am obsessed.


Since it is Motivational Monday, I thought I would post the poster I made for my Facebook Like page (which *AHEM* you should like if you haven’t already 😉 ) because it really applied to me when I was running yesterday.


Your Fitness is 100% mental.

Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.

So true. I often say, sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part as a runner. Yesterday? mid-run was really given me trouble. I was thinking about how scared I was to start up this marathon training again. Sounds so silly because I have done this 7 times before, why so scared now? I was listening to all the doubts I had. I have gained weight since my last marathon. I haven’t done this in a year. I feel like I have to prove people that I can still PR… etc etc etc…I make up walls and put HUGE pressures on myself sometimes and I realize, there is no point. No one cares! This is about me. This is FOR me. Mentally, I was putting a huge hump I had to hurdle myself over! I am sure there will be MANY more of these mid-run mental tantrums to come, and doing it alone makes it that much harder but you know what? Nothing makes me feel more accomplished, empowered and most importantly, happy than marathon training. This IS my zen.

So I challenge you to HURDLE yourself over those negative thoughts, mental objections, excuses etc. YOU are worth it and you will feel so much better for it.

My challenge for you? write down 10 reasons why you CAN. More often than not, we listen to that voice that tells us why we can’t. Tell yourself why you CAN.



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