Boring but busy Monday

Monday! Vlog Monday! Check out my Youtube for yesterdays vlog!

I was so busy with work all Monday. Sunday night I remember laying in bed and literally thinking how I could optimize my time ha! is that nerdy? but really, I sometimes feel like I am ALWAYS doing something, yet not doing anything at all..simultaneously. Is that weird? probably.

So naturally I signed up for the Team Beachbody Cup just so that I could feel focused on my work a bit more. It is my first time participating so it should be a good experience! It’ll keep me driven..I think. Ha!

P90X3 Accelerator was yesterday too. This is the last week with this schedule, so I am doing my best to really focus during these short 30 minutes for that final week. Excited for a whole new mix of workouts next week!


Really wanted to go running. It was just SO beautiful out! But Tuesday is my hill drill day, so I thought it would be smart to save my energy and legs for that. So I went for a walk, finished some errands and came back home for some more work. Matt was to be at work later than normal, so I decided to watch Bachelor, eat left overs and drink tea. I also made Granola. Felt like a busy busy day!

I know, this blog isn’t all that peppy and exciting right? ha! I am sleeeepy today! doing my best to work up energy to do my hill drills today and P90x3!

I posted this on my Facebook like page today:


So for today’s Question of the day (QOOD), What are some small things you do to make you feel good about yourself?

Mine? I take Epsom salt baths, paint my nails and put on my favourite moisturizer because it smells so dang good. Holy girlie stuff right?


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