Thirsty Thursday: My tips for drinking more water

I decided to give morning running a chance again. Lately my routine has involved me getting up to do my work first, then do my workouts. But I remember why I used to workout first thing in the morning. I had less going on in my head. So I laced up just before sun rise yesterday morning (so not that early, like 7:45 am) and set off on my run.

It was another easy paced run for me, I need to remember my pace has slowed down significantly and that is okay. That happens after taking a year off, putting on a few pounds and so on. It was pretty overcast when I went out, which I am okay with. Really, Winnipeg gave me a new perspective on weather conditions to complain about. We never get snow like that here. Ever. As I say, “welcome to the island life!”

IMG_3220Topped it off with a yummy vegan chocolate Shakeology with Almond milk, half a banana and a big spoonful of peanut butter. Clearly my signature recipe. I also had a 1 shot Nespresso Americano. Which reminds me, I need to pick up more Nespresso Capsules. Any of you have a favourite? I think I am going to venture away from the flavoured ones. Getting a bit tired of the chocolate. Carmelito one is still pretty good though. Roma is one of my favourites I have tried so far mainly because it is so high in caffeine mwahaha.. okay coffee addict Jenn.. shut your trap.. done.

I had CVX for P90X3 scheduled and I was too lazy to go to the gym with my laptop. I will say that some days I am pretty confident bringing it down there. But there’s some days I just feel awkward. Weird? yep. Yesterday was one of those days, so what did I do? made my own weights with a big bag of almonds, and a textbook filled gym bag. Ha!

IMG_3224If you remember back in August, you will know I have done this before. On the honeymoon I made weights out of our suitcases since the place we stayed at in Vacaville, California only had cardio equipment. I also would do Insanity in the hotel room. Another great reason why I love Beachbody DVD programs. You can literally bring them ANYWHERE.

Today (just for this week anyway) I am dubbing THIRSTY THURSDAY. Okay, okay. I know I am not the only one to say that. Just wanted to for the sake of today’s Facebook post. HYDRATION!


I get asked pretty often how much water I drink. I drink a gallon of water a day (3.8 ish litres) sometimes more. That is just strict water. I don’t consider anything else as hydration, though other people will argue otherwise (eg. teas, diluted juice etc). The minimum suggestion is half an ounce to every pound you weigh.

I am very lucky in that drinking my water isn’t too difficult. I know some people struggle to get enough water in in a day so I thought I would throw out a few tips!

1. Straws. Seriously, when I have a straw in my drink I drink more of it. The last few days was a good example of this. I was using my usual gym water bottle for water and I didn’t drink enough water. Yet, with my little mason jar tumbler, I drink over a gallon EASY.

2. Ice. This may be personal preference, but I find I can drink water better when it is ice cold!

3. Location of your water bottle. Pssst. It should be located near you all the time! I no joke have water on me ALL the time. I always have water in my purse, at my desk, in the car, everywhere!

4. Set water goals. This may sound silly, but for those of you trying to reach a specific intake of water it helps (eg: have 1 litre down before 10 am).

5. Infuse! Pop some frozen fruit into some water and put it in the fridge for a bit. You can add a little stevia if you want it sweetened a bit.

6. Drink before that “I am thirsty” feeling. Often times when you feel really thirsty, you have already dehydrated significantly. You want to hydrate throughout the day!

7. Replace soda, diet drinks, store bought juices etc with water or infused fruit water. Yes even if it is 0 calories (I am talking to you Crystal Light and Dasani Drops). I don’t want to beat the dead horse but that stuff is BAD.

8. Freeze various things into ice cubes for you water. Lemon, orange, and lime juice/rinds. Berries. Mint. Cucumber…and so on.

9. Drink one big glass when you first wake up. Before coffee or tea! You have been “fasting” since the night prior. You body needs it!

10. Watching TV? make it a goal to finish a glass of water during that 30 minute program!


Now drink a glass just because I told you  to.



Happy hydrating everyone ;).


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