Meal Prep Tips

Lately I have been starting my day off with a small bowl of granola, half a banana sliced over top with a splash of almond milk. I make all my own granola now since doing my fair share of research when it comes to store bought cereals. I have been loving making my own stuff! really! it is kinda fun to get creative with it! Plus I can get all “pinterest-y” and put it in an adorable mason jar. Adorable.


I have craved Thursdays the last few weeks. It has been dubbed my “slow down” day. Isometrix from P90X3, as I have mentioned before, is essentially the balancing poses in yoga. Then I also did X3 Yoga and got a good stretch in. Also screen captured this pose that I thought looked cool. Fun fact? I maybe held that for 4 milliseconds! teehee!

I had a few business meetings and met up with my good friend Emily too. It was a great Thursday if you ask me! However, I could NOT turn off my mind before bed. So I was up late just laying there thinking about things. PS. I am missing Grey’s Anatomy HARD. That is USUALLY my Thursday night routine. Can it just come on TV already? like now? I don’t wanna wait until February.

I was asked a bit about meal prep yesterday and I thought I would through out a few of my own tips for what I do. As you guys know, I used to be hardcore about it when I was working with a coach in the summer. However, I hated how I did it then. I think a lot of it had to do with I absolutely hated the actual meals (HA!) but I probably could have been more efficient about it. So this is what I do now, it isn’t super efficient and it isn’t super strict. As you guys may know, I now live a more balanced lifestyle and I feel like it is helping me heal (mentally/emotionally) if that makes sense. 2013 was a rough one!

For me, meal prep means having things readily available in the fridge. I work from home at the moment, so I really don’t have to think too ahead of time.

My tips to meal prep:

1. Make LARGE batches of versatile foods. For example, I cook quinoa as if I am cooking for a family of 8. Seriously. But quinoa can be used in so many ways. It can be a side dish, it can be a substitute for oatmeal, it can be sweet or savory. I ALWAYS have quinoa in the fridge if possible. Hard boiled eggs is the same dealio. You can have them with a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper, whole. Or you can take out the yolk, mash and mix with the smallest amount of mayo, pop it back into the egg white and you have a deviled egg of sorts. You can put them into a salad. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. Have you ever been so excited about hard boiled eggs in your LIFE?! okay, maybe you aren’t. But I sure am. Yum!

2. Slow cooker= life saver. I use this things ESPECIALLY on Sundays. After my long runs, I don’t trust myself with cooking. Why you may ask? well not only am I walking about like a zombie.. mentally I AM a zombie. I feel like I would find a way to light myself on fire by accident. Sundays are my run and zone out days! So the slow cooker comes in handy because A) it makes big servings B) I don’t have to think about cooking really C) the house smells delish when I come back from my run!

3. There is no need to do ALL your meal prep in one day. Why you may ask? well if you make tilapia and see/ smell the grossness that is fish sludge, you will see (and don’t forget smell!) what I mean. Not all proteins and produce will last that long.

4. Make a list of possible meal ideas/snack ideas. Do you ever get that “I want something fun and healthy to eat” feeling? oh just me? anyway. I have a little list of possible combination of meal/snack ideas to keep things interesting.

5. Organization. When I used to meal prep hardcore, I would put each meal in their own container that was perfectly weighed out and everything. You could say, my fridge had NO room in it. I suggest putting items in bigger containers and weigh them out as you need. Unless you live alone and no fridge space is fine. Think my husband secretly was tired of seeing the blue Tupperware container lids invade our fridge and having to ask “can I eat this?”

Et voila! Just a few tips I use!

Have a lovely Friday!!

xo J



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