Not every run will be a good run


IMG_3257 Friday is my fourth and final run of the week before my much needed rest day. Generally I do not put a set distance to run on my weekday runs but I have a minimum to reach which is usually about 7 km.  But I do let myself have one run in the week where it is under that minimum. Especially this soon into the training season. So yesterday I went out and man, I was not havin’ it. Sometimes we have those runs. I mean not every run will be great, right? that is a given. I just felt out of breath, couldn’t get into the groove of it and I did not want to be out there running, even though it was a BEAUTIFULLY sunny day out! Usually my rule of thumb is, if I am not “getting into the groove” of that run within 15 minutes, I will call it a 5 km distance day. Hey! I did something right?

I find I get way too hung up on how much my pace has changed. I was able to run sub 5 minute kilometers a year ago. Now I am over a minute slower than I was. I know it is so “duh Jenn, obviously that will happen” type moment, but it sucks. Pitty party for one? …and know what I realized I forgot? how far I have come. The old Jenn could barely run a few blocks and I was running for much longer than that. I get ahead of myself sometimes!

Clearly I was just having a bit of a negative morning. Pace shouldn’t matter unless I am trying to Boston Qualify..which will come in time ;). FUN FACT: My goal is to Boston Qualify before I am 30.

Moral of the story here, just because you weren’t all smiles during your workout or you were not havin’ it…doesn’t mean it was pointless. I did something. Not every run within my training will go to plan and that is okay.

Anyway, I practiced some TurboKick later on in the day. That always gets my spirit up. It is just such a fun class. My goal is to find a facility to instruct at after my trip to California later in a few months. Then i got my P90X3 AgilityX disk on. I was a sweaty mess after that.

IMG_3267I was feeling so good about my work as the day progressed. I have been a Beachbody coach for a while now, but I only recently in the last 6 months started really focusing on my business. I have been doing my best to push myself out of my comfort zone everyday and I am pretty proud of it. I really love what I do because it makes me strengthen and grow as a person. I also get to reach out to you guys and assist you whenever you feel you need someone to talk to. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. I LOVE MY JOB!

Since I love work so much, I find sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget what time it is. So I made myself log off around 4 pm to relax and do my own thing. I watched Bridesmaids (one my of my all time favourite movies) and prepped dinner. I had some Avocados I needed to get using so I thought I would make up some guac! oh baby. I also had some kale so it only came naturally to make kale chips. So yummy. I just use oil, salt and pepper on my kale chips. I am so plain Jane.


IMG_3269I ran myself a bubble bath. Found the newest episode of Milliondollar Matchmaker on the “Slice” webpage and watched while I relaxed. How girlie of me right?

Also, I found a place to watch the Toned Up series on Bravo (but online) and have been addicted to that. Seriously makes me want to move to California! I wish!

It was a perfect Friday night if you ask me!



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