Super party animal Saturday night!

Oh Saturdays, how I love thee.

I took it nice and easy getting up! I slept like a rock. Something about the first sleep in fresh sheets. I tell ya man!

So to kick off my relaxing rest day, I made a big almond milk latte. I added cocoa powder, cinnamon and stevia to make it kind of cinnamon bun like. Yum!


I did my best to RELAX and not work. Since I love my job, I can find myself working on days I have scheduled to RELAX on. So I did have to pull myself away from the computer a few times. I got my boring old chores done. You know. Laundry, cleaning, that party animal grind you know?

I filmed a new video and edited most of the afternoon before heading off to church.

I have been wanting to practice my faith a bit more lately. Ever since the stresses I had gone through at the end of 2013. I had been craving to enhance myself spiritually. So I looked up the closest Catholic church and went to the Saturday evening Sunday vigil. I was really nervous to be honest. I have never just gone to mass by myself, usually it is with family and my husband. But it was so good. I really connected with the priest and I want to make this a consistent thing. Father spoke after reading the Gospel on something that really just spoke to me. It was almost like a sign.

As I have spoken about before. This year is my year to come out of hiding and do things for ME. Doing things that make me happy and not caring what others will think. He spoke about darkness and how we often will hide behind it. How we can conceal all our flaws and imperfections and with the rise of social media, this makes it that much easier. Sometimes we feel we can’t be ourselves completely. He spoke of coming forth and embracing those imperfections because we all have our own insecurities or flaws and it isn’t something we should be shameful of.

Ah! I just really connected with myself spiritually in mass yesterday and I really feel great.

A little while after that, it was GIRLS NIGHT. We went wild and crazy on the sushi! I have one indulgence (sometimes two!) a week, and I went crazy for sushi! Introducing: Gyoza, California roll, spicy scallop, and spicy tuna roll. Just a few of my favourites!

IMG_3300My sister in law, Steph, was in town for a course for the weekend. So we grabbed a Starbucks on the walk back to my place. I went with an old time favourite: Steamed milk and vanilla. I had a little sweet tooth so this was a nice treat.

I transferred a bunch of out wedding photos onto a USB for my in-laws. Unfortunately I could not give them all of the photos since there were just SO many and the files are big! However, some of the photos I figured wouldn’t be all that interesting to them. Photos of just my dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the shoes, my rings I was wearing, me doing my makeup etc. Then Steph went back to where she was staying and I called it a night! I fell asleep as soon as my head hit that pillow.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend ❤


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