Doing one thing a day to get out of my comfort zone

Oh Mondays. Usually I am all refreshed and stuff, but I had to wake up a bit early so to get my work done before a few appointments. I got in my P90X3. I switched my week around as I do with marathon training and did Dynamix. It was PERFECT for post long run day. It was basically dynamic stretching.


I vlogged yesterday, where you can see my exciting day. But I went to meet my good friend Haleema for coffee. We lived in residence together in UVIC and were born in the same city. Soon we will be neighbors which is pretty sweet! We talked for HOURS and then I walked home.

On my walk home, the bridge went up. They are doing some construction and it seemed like most of the day they were raising and lowering it. I had to wait for about 30 minutes and talked with a stranger. One thing I am trying to do is get out of my comfort zone once a day and being a bit shy at time, talking to strangers is not my forte! But hey! I talked to a very nice lady and made a business contact out of it! Things happen for a reason, am I right?

Because I left eating lunch to last minute, my cravings were out of control. Pretty happy I didn’t go in with my original craving plan. When I am STARVING, I crave sweets…more specifically, chocolate covered almonds. UGH! Its so horrible. But I didn’t give in. I walked past Bulk Barn and went right home to eat some clean food.

Gabe and I had our usual Monday night girls night hang out. “Watched” Bachelor. The quotes are because we basically talked the entire time. That is how we do!

QQOD: Do you find your cravings get crazy out of hand when you don’t eat at your proper times/are at the point of starving?


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