Shopping with my Momma

I am back home visiting the family as I said in my last post. I ended up getting my work in first thing in the morning and then talking to my Mom for hours before I got my sweat on. What? I haven’t been home since Christmas! we needed a catch up even if we do talk basically every day if not every second day…

I got my Agility X from P90X3 in. I didn’t have tape so I ended up using my imagination which was fine. I got a mega sweat in!



I was explaining to my mom that I needed to pick up more Nespresso…Hi, my name is Jennifer Jones and I am a Nespresso addict. So we got ready for a little shopping. So I decided to go all out and put makeup on, jeans, and curl my hair. Who is this girl?!


It is bizarre. This mirror makes me look way shorter than I am. I am 5 foot 7! also, I am experimenting with booties. I find I rarely know how to pair booties with clothing and I have a few cute pair I want to get more use out of. These are a Chelsea boot knock off from Old Navy.

At Nespresso I picked up a few sleeves of my favourite Roma capsules, and also ventured with Arpeggio capsules. We decided to sit down for a little espresso before we continued on our way.


We decided to leave Pacific Centre and walk out onto Robson. I went into the new Old Navy on Robson and Granville. I have been LOVING their fitness clothing. I picked up a pair of crops that are a creamsicle colour, a top that says “running wildly” and a grey warm up top. Oh and a pair of my favourite skinny jeans for 12 bucks. Whoop! Since all my jeans are too tight or don’t fit at all now because my quads and booty have grown as it seems.. I am happy to replace a pair at this price.

I also wanted to check out Victoria’s Secret. I love that store way too much. I went into the PINK section and scored a new pullover sweat top for $13. Holla! It may be a bit too big but what ever. It is a sweat shirt right? Then I wanted to see a few pairs of their VSX sport line pants. Really happy I did because the ones I almost ordered online were not as cute as I thought in person. So I ended up buying another pair of my beloved stirrup pants in a grey colour. SERIOUSLY. I love them for yoga and pilates! I may or may not be sporting them as I blog!

On our way home, the sun was peaking out. Since it was Wednesday, that is my scheduled “ez run” day so I hit the road.

IMG_3432Since I left around 5 pm, the sun was coming down quick. I am not a bit ran of running at dusk alone. Especially around UBC since there is a lot of forest around. I also don’t have my reflective coats around when I am visiting. But it wasn’t completely dark by the time I got home. I just acted like no one could see me so I was pretty cautious. Oh and bonus? I found $5 in the middle of the sidewalk on my run. Is this what it feels like to be a sponsored runner? no? well I am easily amused.

Came home to a beautiful dinner made by my Momma. Pork chop, onions, salad, roasted carrots and sweet potato. Oh yum!

Then? big brother Josh came by with my birthday gift. He did some traveling in the states the last few weeks and found the runners I have been looking for. You guys should know at this point. I am a Mizuno girl. LOVE my waverider 17s, and have been in waveriders since the 13 model. He found the navy coloured pair with sea foam/minty details. I like a dark pair of shoes since I live in a rainier climate. My white ones are already starting to brown. No bueno. I am such a girl aren’t I? Some road runner I am! 😛 Anyway, best gift! Josh is the best :). Plus the Mizunos are a heck of a lot cheaper where he bought them.

QOTD: Do you like running at dusk/in the dark?




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