I <3 Seattle

Oh no! I broke my streak of blogging everyday! I had a good reason, I guess.

I was too cheap to pay for internet in the hotel room and didn’t wanna go to the lobby. That is cool right?

Anyway, drove by myself down to Seattle to see the Husband. His ship is along side here and he thought we could have a little romantic weekend together. Loved that idea! I stopped at Trader Joe’s once in Bellingham. Picked up the few things I wanted and a yummy sandwich. Caprese sandwich. YUM.

IMG_3454Usually I workout on Fridays. I didn’t get up earlier enough before setting off and then I didn’t get a chance to use the gym. So I made sure I was to run Saturday. IMG_3455


Matt and I did a little shopping. Bought Matt new runners, I went to Victoria’s Secret and we both went a little nutso in Target. Sorry but the Target in USA is way better. I swear I bought 4 bottles of dry shampoo and other products too.

IMG_3459LOVE pike place market. Just love the environment. Even if I am not buying, I just want to be there for the feel of it. There is so much spirit buzzing in Seattle for the Seahawks. Look at this gem. Soo cute!

IMG_3460Since Matt has been working hard, he hasn’t had a full night sleep. So we decided to have an easy night in with one of our honeymoon favourites. Chipotle! I decided to venture from my steak burrito for a chicken one instead. Sans sour cream or guacamole. Little Salsa, brown rice and black beans. Yum. We also picked up chips and salsa at target to save some cash.

IMG_3461We are romantic okay. We also watched Kick Ass 2 while nomming on this stuff! that just SCREAMS romance if you ask me!

Since I don’t know if I will be able to get my blog up tomorrow in time. Ill just show you a picture from this mornings run around town:

IMG_3472I really got around! Seattle space needle, safeco field, Pike place market, the ferris wheel etc. Also bumped into a crowd of Seahawks on a run, hootin’ and hollerin’ (pictured in the above picture).

Anywho, time to get ready and hit the town!



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