Seattle day II

Well! I am up bright and early, so before our wifi cuts off…a quick bloggy shall we?
As I left off yesterday, got in a fabulous 8 km run. Took it pretty easy paced but it was good. I forgot my ipod in Canada so I thought it would be tough for me to get into things. Sometimes I rely a lot on my music. But really? I felt a lot of clarity from it. Kinda nice hearing your surroundings, especially being right by the water. Love the sounds of seagulls!

After getting back and showering up, Matt and I decided to hit up a few shops. I wasn’t in a huge shopping mood, mainly because there wasn’t much of anything that really caught my eye. I was expecting more at the Nike store, but when I stopped at the Nike outlet in Burlington..there was a heck of a lot moreIMG_3473

I did pick up a pair of yoga tights from Gap Body. I have the same ones in green and I figured ‘why not’ with the turquoise ones. They were originally 60 and got them for 20 dollars before tax. Win. I picked up a new drink to try at Starbucks. Usually I just get a Grande Americano but I was feeling some soy milk. I don’t do soy often, really wish they didn’t provide soy. Almond milk is my jam! So I had a Grande soy Americano misto. Nom. Like it a lot! Then we met up with a good friend Brandon for a fun day. First we stopped at the Nordstom Cafe for lunch. I had some tomato basil soup and a  caprese sandwich. IMG_3475

We headed back to the hotel to hit the pool for a few hours. Great company, laughs and quality conversation. Always great! We worked up an appetite and decided to try out a few of Brandon’s favourite spots to see if they had room for us. This amazing sushi place, Umi, had room for us and boy I was excited. I LOVE my sushi. I went with the Crunchy Lizard and Pike Place roll. I love me some eel!IMG_3476 IMG_3477We walked back and had a little stop in at Target. Then parted ways with Brandon. Matt and I had an easy night in and an early bed time. We are total party animals. Don’t judge. We watched some Super Bad then hit the hay. He had an early morning to get back to ship. I drive back today! I plan on stopping in at a mall on the way home, but since it is Sunday..nothing is open until 11. I am hoping traffic won’t be too crazy with the Superbowl and what not. We will see!

I will be running my 18 km run tomorrow since I didn’t feel comfortable doing it hear and I figure it will be absolutely crazy in town. It will keep things interesting for my vlog tomorrow I guess! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!


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