Seattle to Vancouver to Victoria


Sunday Runday? nope. I had to get my but back home so I couldn’t get my run in. I didn’t feel comfortable running 18 km in Seattle alone and also didn’t know what the city would be like with the Superbowl festivities all about! So I donned my comfy clothing, made myself a coffee with the mini coffee maker and hit the road!


I stopped so many times on the way to the border. I wanted to check out a few malls on the way because there are a few items they don’t carry in Canada. Various nut butters, spices, etc. I stopped at North Gate Mall to hit up the amazing Target and Sport Authority. I did buy a few clothing items, make up items and Justin’s maple almond butter..because well its almond butter. Yum.

I stopped at Tulalip outlets to grab gas and do a quick walk around. There wasn’t much that stood out to me but the perfumerie had a great deal. One of my Dad’s favourite colognes is super hard to find and they had it. With buying that, I could get any perfume for $15. Why not? I went with an old time favourite which is usually $60. Score.

Then I stopped at Bellisfair to grab wifi at Target to talk to a fellow coach. I also did a little shop around and picked up more sweat pants at Victoria’s Secret PINK. Since I clearly need more. Clearly. Then I stopped by Barnes & Nobel for some lunch at the cafe. Spinach and artichoke quiche for the win.

IMG_3482 I arrived in Vancouver about 1:30, after leaving Seattle before 8 am. I transferred everything into a better suitcase and hopped into my Mommas car to get to the ferry. I was TIRED by this point. I didn’t expect the ferry to be that busy since so many BC folk were cheering on our neighbors in the Superbowl. I was wrong. It was packed. I usually take the express bus into town but it hadn’t showed, so I figured I would take the longer route. Then the express bus turned up. So I got home a bit later than I would have liked, but at least I wasn’t squished up against the window due to so many people being on board!

I was HUNGRY by that point and decided to pick up Noodle Box on the way home. It was one of the few places still open. I went with a Spicy Peanut noodle box with chicken, white rice instead of noodles and a medium heat. SO good. I watched some PVR as I nommed on that.

IMG_3487I also had a few goodies show up at my door. I will be reviewing these in a few weeks:

IMG_3489I had been looking for a natural electrolyte that actually does what I want it to do. So here is hoping!

Then I hit the pillow. HARD. zzzzzz. I always sleep great after a long day of traveling. How about you?


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