LSD Monday..get crazy get loud!

As I said, I couldn’t get my LSD run in on Sunday with all the travels so Monday I laced up. I started with my usual LSD pre-run fuel. PB, banana oats.

and PS..when I say LSD.. I’m not talking drugs. I am talking Long Slow Distance run. I clarify this one a lot because apparently I seem the type to run a marathon distance on LSD?? I don’t know..



Got my run on. 18 km was on the menu. I think from all the driving and sitting I did Sunday, my body wasn’t happy. I had a lot of burning from lactic acid build up in my calves and shins. That left after about 6 km or so. My head wasn’t totally into it until about 10 km. Hey! It happens. Not all runs are super exciting! It was a chilly run. It was beautiful..but chilly. The plan was to wear my shorts and compression socks.. nope! compression socks and long tights it was.

My pace wasn’t where I would like it but I got it done. That is okay! I took these mini snickers on my run with me. That is my fuel of choice and the only thing that doesn’t hurt my stomach.


Also gave the Ignite Naturals electrolyte powder a try. Can I just say, if this flavor was a body butter.. I would be ALL over that. Smells AMAZING. It was very sweet, but that is what I like on the run.

IMG_3553I will do a full review after trying it out some more!

Then I was a zombie..a ravenous zombie..but a zombie nonetheless. Always the case post run. Then I get all philosophical and I vlogged and did some journalling. Then later in the day I jaunted downstairs for some girl time with Gabe and her adorable kitten Penny.

Then my mother sent me this adorable Throwback picture of me and my first dog..Jenny. Yep. They didn’t know if they were gonna have a girl and my Mom always wanted a little girl named Jenny or Jennifer. So they at least named the dog that.

IMG_3610Have a good day, y’all.


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