Ouch..I hate headaches

Wow! Tuesday morning was BUSY on the Internets! The 21 day fix was launched and WOW. The base kit has already been sold to the point that it is on back order!! Unbelievable you guys. That is what happens when you have an amazing program that has fitness AND simplified clean eating (without starvation) on for SUCH an affordable price! So exciting!! Good thing we have challenge packs still available!

For lunch I decided to make up sweet potato fries but slightly different. I sprayed them with coconut oil (an item I bought at Trader Joe’s on the weekend), sprinkled with garlic powder and parmesan. My apartment smelt AMAZING. I warmed up a chicken breast and had veggies too. Hello rainbow!

IMG_3620I then took time to get my workout on. P90X3 Warrior. Done. I LOVE my new shirt from Target in the states.

IMG_3621Then? the tension headache settled in. This is why I shouldn’t be on the computer for more than a few hours a day. I can be bad and forget to give myself time off when I am working! So I made myself a big bubble bath, lit a candle (don’t worry Mom, the flame was contained! 😉 ), played some easy listening music, and had a big cup of tea. So needed! Little TLC for myself. Love it.

I then got into some comfy clothes,  yoga pants and a slouchy shirt…and took ….ridiculous…selfies. Before hitting up the mail box. Oi. But hey! isn’t my new Turbo shirt the cutest? TURN UP THE TURBO!


Headaches are the worst. I can’t deal. But I refuse to take Tylenol or anything of that sort. I don’t like taking a lot of medicine. I feel it is too hard on my system. Anyway, it was a successful morning and my body let me know to get myself some relaxation time. That is okay! I gotta say, this is one of the perks of working from home…midday bubble baths. Oh ya!




3 thoughts on “Ouch..I hate headaches

  1. Definitely going to try that lunch recipe, those fries look delish! I don’t like taking pills for headaches unless absolutely necessary, but I do love to use Peppermint Halo from Sage (Used to be in Vic but I think there’s a shop in Van).. it’s amazing! Works on any headache besides a migraine for me:)

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