No sauce? no problem. Make your own!

My good friend and fellow coach, Dana,  has been hosting a simply amazing mindful eating group. Which has helped me be a good blogger and take pictures of my food! Yesterday I started the day with an omelet with bell peppers, onion, broccoli and a bit of goat cheese. With salsa and plain nonfat greek yogurt on the side. Oh.. and don’t forget my 2 shot americano!

IMG_3626Yesterday was better than Tuesday since I didn’t have a massive headache after. With the boom of the 21 day fix program, things have been crazy! I am loving see people take advantage of the intro offer. It is SUCH an amazing deal and this program’s such a game changer.

By the way, if you are looking for a fitness and nutrition program that promotes clean eating, portion control, indulging in moderation and only 30 minute workouts… THIS is for you. Hands down. Also? no calorie counting, points counting or anything of that sort. SUPER simplified! and what else? you won’t ever feel starved or deprived. Seriously. You can have wine and chocolate in moderation! I have a few spots open for people who want to be coached by me and want in on our amazing challenge group!! Fitness, nutrition AND support. Let’s get you started! Shoot me a message on FB, email me or leave your email in the comments!

Anywhozzles, back to regular programing. I got my P90X3 MMX on and I will say as I am typing this blog… my arms, shoulders and back are sore! Who says you can’t get a good workout in 30 minutes? I did! wow! I love anything that has to do with kickboxing. I feel like such a bad ass when I do it.

After having my yummy vegan chocolate Shakeology, I started cooling down. Like really cold. I still had hill repeats on the menu and the high was -2, but felt like -7. Awesome. So not Victoria weather (bring on the east coasters telling me that isn’t cold..I fully realize it isn’t cold to you guys). I literally was jumping up and down, doing jumping jacks and sitting in front of my fire place so that I would be warm enough to hit the road. Since I live in Victoria, and I am not prepared for colder conditions I wore a few layers. Light fleece lined tights, tank top and two long sleeves…all of which were black because I want the sun to attract and give me the little heat possible. Also wore my only ear warmer with this horrid companies symbol on it. Sorry. I don’t support or respect Lululemon much at all anymore.

IMG_36407 hill repeats done. I need to venture out to other hills. I do the same 5 or so hills because they are the first ones I think of! Living in Victoria, we are pretty blessed when it comes to incline running. I just can’t help myself! Gonzales hill and Kind George Terrace.. they have my heart! (sorry Matt..)

Then I decided to prepare the steak that I had left in the fridge. But I did not have any sauce so I decided to make up my own. I seriously eye balled it all but this is what it included:IMG_3642

Heaping tbsp coconut oil melted in a pan. Heaping tbsp minced garlic layed flat on the heated pan until fragrant. Lots of Liquid Aminos by Braggs (or liquid soy subsitute if you are in Canada). Some sriracha and agave. Added some flour to thicken, and added in chunks of beef.

Sorry I didn’t measure. I honestly didn’t expect it to turn out as it did ha!

IMG_3643Made up my garlic and parmesan sweet potato fries (I am OBSESSED NOW) and chopped up cucumbers. I really need groceries..

One big lesson I learned from Wednesday? sometimes you gotta just shove yourself out into the cold and get the run done anyway… okay I knew this already but it is a lot easier said than done. If you really want to complete a program (fitness or running wise) you will. It is all a mind battle that you are in charge of!

Have a phenomenal Thursday <3.


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