New Kombucha flavour! yum.

I started my morning sending this little comic to my family. Fun fact: the Jones family are big time Yogis…well I am not so much. I do my best to do it once a week!



I was SO sore from MMX P90X3. So I decided it would be good to do X3 Yoga Thursday morning instead of Friday. So I did. Felt so good to relax and center myself before the business of the day with work.IMG_3656

Topped with my usual chocolate PB banana vegan Shakeology. Then got to work. This was my morning workout. 2 egg veggie scramble, Greek yogurt sweetened with agave and lime juice, and espresso. Nom.



Watched my PVRed LIVE with Kelly and Michael and the late late show with Craig Ferguson…I then realized I couldn’t handle living off beef, cucumber and eggs until Monday. So off to the Market I went. Picked up a few things like a rotisserie chicken and kombucha. Yum! they had a new Kombucha to try so I had to get it. I love ANYTHING guava. So I made it part of my snack.


I reallly like this flavour. It may be my new go to. I have been loving the ‘original’ lately but guava has taken the cake! and yes I had apple and chicken. Random lunch but delicious. Then got my butt downstairs to do my weighted P90X3 workouts. Since I did my long run Monday, my schedule is a bit off as you can see. So I did incinerator and CVX. So SORE.


For dinner? chicken, steamed broccoli and my favourite side…broccoli slaw. I stirfry the broccoli slaw in coconut oil, sriracha and liquid aminos! IMG_3667Happy FRIDAY everyone! Can you believe the winter Olympics are here? I LOVED it when they were in Vancouver in 2010. I am not much of a winter sports girl (I know..poor excuse for a Canadian right?). I love summer Olympics but I still will be watching to cheer on Canada!

What is you favourite winter sport to watch or participate in?


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