Photo shoot Friday? why not.

Hello Friday! I had something fun planned for the morning and I was a bit nervous. Let’s say I doused myself in self tan yesterday to do this event.. what could it be? if you watch my vlogs you already know…a photo shoot. My girl Bri is doing an awesome blog post for Six Pack Abs on sports bras and women’s experiences with them. Anywho, started my morning with the usual Chocolate PB Shakeology and coffee.


Bri came to pick me up and we headed for Mill Hill. I have run by there on my longer runs but never entered the trail. So beautiful..and there was snow on the ground. Oy! Not much as you can see by this trail picture but it was there! We did a few shots running, then she needed some sport bra pics.. clearly why I felt the need for self tanner.




I did my best to not sport ALL Lululemon since I don’t buy from them or support them anymore.. but turns out.. I should have done laundry before this whole shindig. So I ended up wearing ALL Lululemon. Oh well.

IMG_3701Once I got home I was STARVING and decided to treat myself to one of my FAVOURITE places. Hernandez! YUM

Pollo burrito please!

IMG_3694Then, after digesting of course, I hit up my workouts. I was tired but I knew I’d feel better doing them. P90X3 triometrix..oh boy.

IMG_3697and a run!

IMG_3700Oh and then I ported my first year university swag to the recycling room. Hello Uggs and sweats. My mother would DIE if she knew I used to wear this around campus in first year..Hi Mom 😀 *heh heh *

IMG_3703Then? MATT came home! Wee! He was tuckered out so I made us some of that beef I made the other night, broccoli slaw and steamed broccoli and we watched the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

I asked this on my Facebook but I will also ask it here. What winter Olympic even to you love to watch or even participate in?


2 thoughts on “Photo shoot Friday? why not.

    • I can’t stand behind the company. Chip Wilson (previous chair of the company..stepped down after the controversy) made body shaming comments. I was a size 12 when their clothing was made in Canada and never had issues with pilling or fabric being too sheer.. but now that I am a size 8 and their clothing is outsourced I do have that problem…he was asked to address this since many women experience this and his response was ridiculous. Here is the article . He basically tried to say it was women’s bodies that created these problems and not the fact the quality of the product has definitely gone downhill. I find I can find better quality products for better pricing most places anyway so I am not losing out.

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