Super Indulgence Saturday

Started our morning with Shakeology and you know what? GASP. I was out of banana. Oy.. so I used a quarter of an avocado, PB, almond coconut milk and vegan chocolate Shakeology and boy it was thick. YUM.

Matt and I had a little day exploring town together. We had a few errands to run and wanted to go for a nice walk together. It has been chillier than usual here in Victoria, but still beautiful nonetheless. Something about this city when the sun is out!

After our errands were done we went to use a Groupon at Famoso. SO good.  We shared a caprese salad. yum.



Then we decided to both get a pizza so we could bring left overs for Sunday (aka post run yumminess). I love how light their pizzas are. Thin crust and fresh tomato sauce. *kisses fingers * MWAHHH!! yep.. just typed that.


We came home for a few hours and watched some movies and Olympic events. Then off to Saturday evening mass. I was so happy to have Matt there with me.

And then? ANOTHER meal out. It was our good friend Brandon’s birthday and we celebrated at Moxie’s. Matt and I shared a starter of yam fries and I felt like pasta. I not remember why I don’t have pasta often.. it makes me feel heavy and lethargic. Oy. It was delicious before that all set in!


Sorry for the poor quality. It came with garlic toast, a tomato based sauce with sausage and parmesan. How many times can I blog “yum” really?

It was a bit later night than I would like the night before a long training run but it was worth it. Good night with great company and tons of laughs. Always great.

Now to get on the road for that 23 km run I have to conquer!


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