Sunday Runday Romance?

Sunday Runday! Did NOT want to roll out of bed but I did. Sometimes you gotta get things done, you know? Put together a bowl of granola I made the other day since I was all out of bananas for my usual PB and banana oats! I also defrosted some blueberries which I didn’t take a picture of.


Sunday was a scheduled 23 km run. I always map my runs out ahead of time and I decided to run out near Camosun College down to Beach Ave and traveled along the water all the way back. SO much wildlife and I am a big believer that wildlife can be signs for us. One of my favourite reference books is “Animal Speaks” by Ted Andrews. I saw multiple seals and a couple BIG hawks chillin’ on some low hanging trees. I was hoping they didn’t think my pony tail was a squirrel or something. I am not a bird person if you can’t tell haha! I get so nervous with birds! But what I found interesting is that often the “seal” can be a symbol of balance. Something I have been striving for. Neat how that works out huh? 🙂


I was so happy to get home. I texted Matt around 22 km and this is what I came home to. Can we say it all together now? DAWWWWWW. He made me a hot bubble bath, a hot cup of green tea, lit some candles, lit up my leftovers from lunch and he even put towels in the dryer so I had warm towels to dry off with. Seriously. What did I do to deserve this man? Okay, I’ll stop being so cheesy. Love you Matthew <3.


I didn’t feel TOO bad on that run. Sometimes these long runs can be very daunting..especially on you own out there. Actually decided to download an audiobook of itunes that I had wanted to read for a while and I am happy I did. My Cousin in-law Erin and I had talked about this book and it got me pumped. The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. REALLY enjoyed listening to it. The way she spoke really breaks down the importance of various nutrients in our bodies and she also talks a bit about body image which is great. This is one of my tips if you trail long runs on your own. Audiobooks and podcasts for the win. I got to about Chapter 12. Will probably listen to the rest this week. Loved it.

After getting ready, Gabe and I hit up Costco and London Drugs to pick up groceries and what not. Love our girlie Coscto trips. But MAN it was a gongshow in there! Buggies and people EVERYWHERE. I got home and Matt had come back from brunch with his buddy and gave me a small delicious Valentine’s day gift. Local decadent chocolates from Spinnaker’s.


IMG_3719 IMG_3720

Spoiler much? He is just the sweetest. He also spoiled me with a bigger gift which should be in the next week or so. I can’t wait for it! It will definitely help with my workouts when we move into our condo in spring! I will keep you guys hanging ;).

Fun fact about my running this week though. Total distance of 56 km. Woo! well.. I did run two LSD runs from Monday to Sunday so it was bound to be high! But it was a tough week. I was VERY sore from the first week of month 2 of P90X3. So it made getting out for my runs difficult. Also it was colder than I expected it to be so I had to use a lot of mental power to get myself over it and just DO the run.

Here is to a new week! Hope you are ALL pumped and ready to get on your goals.

Before I go I want to give you guys a cheeky peak of our newest group. Because I post each day, just wanted to extend a little sneak peak before I post elsewhere. My good friend Dana and I are looking for individuals who are looking to lose weight, get healthy or just over all feel better. We want to keep you accountable. If you want more details, go into my contact tab and email me there or message me on my Facebook page.


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