Reality check time: Complaining & excuses

Woke up feeling mighty rested! I have been listening to an audio book. The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. She made a point that she will drink a full big glass of water that she keeps by her bed to remind her. I have been doing that and WOW. Felt like I had already had my coffee!

I started my morning off with X3 Yoga. I love this tank top! Old Navy has stepped up their active wear GAME.

I really crave yoga now…well room temperature yoga. I say this a lot and a lot of people really don’t get it. I am a very warm person. In Matt and my relationship, he is the one that is ALWAYS cold. I am always boiling. So when I do yoga in a hot room or warm room I feel horrible. I am talking I can feel sick. I have nothing against hot yoga, I just really can’t handle it. It makes me feel horrible. I like doing yoga outside or in room temperature and that is good for me.

I was super hungry yesterday. Marathon appetite must be underway. So I made a bowl of quinoa, a turkey sausage, an egg and lots of veggies. This wasn’t breakfast this was my lunch by the way.

IMG_3792Since yesterday was a hungry day, it makes me realize I need to get better with my meal prep so I have things more readily available.

After getting some work done, I was feeling a bit unmotivated. I am not a fair-weather runner but I will say that sometimes the weather makes it that much harder. I know it is worse in other places, but we have a much wetter climate and it can be pretty grey. One thing I love about Winnipeg is even though it is snowy and cold, it is still beautiful and sunny. It isn’t really like that here. I find sometimes the greyness can put a damper on my mood so I do my best to look past it.


My good friend Jen helped me get my butt out the door. I had to run 8 hill repeats so I decided to change up my hill routine route. I run similar hills most of the time because they are the steepest and longest ones I can find. But decided to do a few lonnnnnnng gradual hills instead. I went out to Beacon Hill park and WOW. The peacocks were nuts. Usually I see a few but there were TONS. It was like it was feeding time or something. Oh what? you don’t see peacocks on your runs outdoors?  If you aren’t from Victoria, there is a petting zoo in Beacon Hill park so there are peacocks kind of everywhere in the park. Glad I got it done!

Also, since I have been going through my closet, I told my friend Jen if she needed anything she could come by and check out anything I had. I seriously have a problem. I am talking WAY too many clothes. She took a good chunk so I am happy! and by making that date with her to come by, it made me actually complete the task of purging my closet. I NEEDED to do that badly. Really glad I got that done.

Then I sat down to watch PVR and got to bed fairly early. Party animal up in the hizzhouse!!


Hope you read that with a jingle of some kind.. moving on.

Now.. I want to address something that is a SUPER reality check for people and may be too brutally honest for some. I feel it needs to be said as it is something I see a lot as an online coach and as a personal trainer.


I am not talking complaining about the weather or something like that. I am talking complaining about things that are 100% in your power. Complaining often is a manifestation of our fears and excuses. I see it a lot, people have an itch but they aren’t willin’ to scratch.

“I am overweight”

“I want to lose weight”

“I am broke”

“I don’t have any money to do _____.”

“I don’t have time to ___”

“I hate my job”

This is the brutally honest part.

You CANNOT complain about these things if you aren’t will to make changes. You cannot complain you don’t have money and then buy your usual $5 latte you get everyday. You cannot say you hate being overweight, but you refuse to add vegetables or activity into your day and continue to eat take out. Oh and the “I don’t have time” excuse? Some of the busiest people I know, are the FITTEST people I know! Exhibit A everyone: my good friend Gabe. One of the hardest working people in her career AND makes time for Crossfit and healthy eating… and a lot more! She finds time because she has prioritized what is important to her! you can do this too!

Maybe some of these complaints seem a bit more complexed. The “I hate my job” one in particular. I realize it isn’t that easy to just up and leave but there are ways to find a better place for yourself.

In 2012 I was working for a certain big box gym and I HATED my job. I loved being a trainer. I loved my time with my clients. I hated how I was treated by people who were above me. My Fitness Manager literally would make me cry in the office at work a few days a week. I was underpaid and overworked while trying to finish my degree at school. I was constantly sick because I was so overworked and stressed. Then I found out they were ripping me off, but luckily with a few complaints to my twitter I finally got attention at head office and got the money I deserved back. I will say it was more than $400. (I will not mention the name of this company if you ask but you can look back to 2012 posts and I am sure you could figure it out).

I HATED my job. Then Lindsay Krause found me through this blog. It was a sign for me. She wasn’t pushy, she was accepting and listened to my issues of being mistreated. She was a friend and let me open up to her. She then informed me about a business opportunity that could possibly help me with my situation. Though I was skeptical.. I took it. I became a Beachbody coach right then and there in October 2012. No longer did I have to answer to people above me. I was my own person. I was my own boss. I was in charge of how little or how much I made. Do you know how freeing that is? I no longer had reason to complain “I hate my job” because I quit working at that gym, concentrated on my last semester of my Bachelors degree and coached! The coaching opportunity has changed my life.

So this complaint and excuse was something that definitely took more time to change. But I did. You can to. Not every change will reap benefits in the first day. Patience and baby steps are key.

So I will say that no, you do not have the right to complain about something that you are not willing to change. Don’t have time? find it. We all have 24 hours in the day, just figure out how to use yours better. Don’t have money? SAVE it rather than buying “wants” instead of “needs.” Or find a way to raise your income. Don’t enjoy being overweight? I can give you MANY ways to make changes to get closer to this goal but I will say that eating highly processed foods, fast foods, and drinking pop (diet or otherwise) won’t make this goal happen any sooner.

EVERYONE can make a change in some way or another. Myself included.  If you really want it, guess what.. you will find a way to get it. You will be HUNGRY for that change. As a coach and trainer, I cannot inject desire into you. I am just here to guide, give you tools and try my best to pump you up. I cannot be the reason you are successful because you know what? YOU have to be HUNGRY for that change. YOU are in charge of your own STUFF. Get it together!

Change isn’t easy. Most definitely not. But it is WORTH IT. You know what? YOU are worth it. FIGHT for it. Get HUNGRY. This journey WILL be difficult and have its challenges! But you will reap those rewards.

I URGE you to write down 3 things you can change right now to get you closer to that goal and work towards them each day.

As a coach and trainer, I am here to keep you accountable but like I is YOU in the end. YOU are in charge of your destiny. Will you make that leap?

Examples, drink water instead of (store bought processed) juices and sodas. Walk or jog 10 minutes away from my home and turn back (hello instant 20 minutes of activity!). Make my coffee at home rather than stopping at (insert coffee shop here) every day.



2 thoughts on “Reality check time: Complaining & excuses

  1. I agree, I think most people spend more time complaining about what they are unhappy about than they do trying to change it! All it takes is a little determination and planning and EVERYONE can lose weight, find a new job, etc etc. It just takes time and commitment!

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