Literally running into an old friend

I had a few meetings placed for Wednesday so I did my best to get both workouts done before 11 am. Goal achieved.

(As I wrote that I heard that sound when you unlock an achievement on Xbox..oh what is going on with me.)

I started the morning with the usual as of late, homemade granola. Then laced up for my “ez pace” run. I wasn’t feelin’ it for a little while but soon perked up. It was pretty darn windy out and then..I ran into an old friend I had literally been thinking about getting back in touch with. What are the odds! So we reconnected for 5 minutes and we will be hanging out hopefully next week. We lived a few doors down from each other in first year university residence.


My Mizuno Waveriders are MUCH better now. Most definitely. Definitely took some time to break these babies in (as I have mentioned before) but happy I didn’t  jump into another pair of shoes. I really like them now that they are broken into.

Then it was time for P90X3 MMX. One of my favourite disks in this month. It really works my shoulders, upper back, and arms. SO sore every time. I love it!
IMG_3821Then topped it off with a yummy protein packed lunch. Eggs, sausage, quinoa, salsa and the most perfect avocado there ever was.. well half of it. Oh, and a decaf almond milk latte from my Nespresso. I had enough I thought. I soon crashed after that.

I then met with a lovely lady from our parish. Since I am rather new to the parish they gave me a beautiful gift bag with some words from Father, the bulletin, some reading on the various organizations in the church, a candle and crucifix. Absolutely beautiful. I am really loving connecting with my spirituality more and more.

Then later on I met with my wonderful friend and colleague Dana to talk about our challenge group details. We are SO excited to get this started.

Still have spots available if you are looking to get healthy, lose weight or just feel better and need accountability!

Then I went to bed early. Because that is how Jenn Jones rolls.



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