Valentine’s Day girls night!! ft. Massive sushi rolls

Later blog post today! saaaawrie. I had a old school girls night, which I will talk about in a second.

Got my run on firs thing in the morning. Due to.. *ahem* that time of the cramps were not making it easy for me to want to run. Back pain, cramping, tiredness, you name it. But I went, and within 1 km I was a heck of a lot better. Took it nice and easy and just focused on clearing my mind and the beautiful scenery of Vancouver.


For lunch, my cucumbers said Happy Valentine’s Day to me. How cute right?

IMG_3892As for my old school girls night.. Natalie, one of my bestest and oldest friends, and I kicked it off with some Power Yoga. We were so nervous. I hadn’t done power yoga since I was in high school and not in shape or the right mind set for it. But you know what? I actually really enjoyed it! I love that the poses aren’t held for that long and everything moves fairly quickly. It was in a warm room (not too hot as I have expressed before.. can’t deal with 40 or above) and it was 75 minutes long. We went to Y yoga in Richmond. Our teacher was Kathy, highly suggest her!

IMG_3896Then we went home to change (aka look grubby with no makeup, hair up and yoga pants), picked up her sister Julia and hit up the local sushi joint. Fun fact. I was born and grew up in Richmond. Thing I miss most about it most? cheap, fresh, delicious sushi. These rolls were HUGE. I am talking 3 times the size of your regular spicy scallop roll and like HALF the price of what you would find in Victoria. SCORE. SO good. Still cannot get over how BIG the rolls were. Seriously ridiculous.

IMG_3897IMG_3898Then? late night target that’s what. They were hoping for some cheapo Valentine’s candy. Turns out, it doesn’t go on sale until the day AFTER Valentine’s. Phooey. Still picked up a sweet treat and went back to Nat’s to watch some Notebook and talk. Okay. Let’s be honest. We talked with notebook playing in the background. I ended up staying over and we stayed up until 1 am talking. It was like old school high school sleepovers….minus talking to guys on MSN and staying up until the sun came up. Oh MSN. Anyone else ever hear the old chat sounds and then your ears perk up? I heard it on an old Youtube video recently and my brain automatically went “OMG INSTANT MESSAGE!” ha!

Such a great night! I am so blessed to have such amazing women in my life like Natalie and Julia. It is awesome to have friendships like this where you have seen each other grow up and you are still connected. Love you so much you too Chu’s ;). ( I know you read this blog Nat ;)).

Anywho, hope you all had a phenomenal Valentine’s. Know that someone loves you <3.


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