Lobster Mac & Cheese? yes please!

Woke up in the mornin’ feeling…exhausted. That is what you get when you stay up late talking with your good girlfriend right? I had to drive back home to meet with our wedding photographer. If you are looking for an awesome photographer in the lower mainland, I couldn’t recommend Morgan Hargreaves Photography enough! Morgan and Erin are such an amazing team, they know the exact moments to capture and they simply just amazing women. Weddings, boudoir photos, newborn photos, you name it! Please go like their like page to see more amazing work!

IMG_2883 (2) copyMorgan and I sat and chatted over tea for a while. I really enjoyed all the wonderful conversation and talking about other weddings she has gone to. It must be so amazing to experience and see how everyone celebrates their love. She mainly came by to show me the photo books that she now offers. We definitely will be picking up some of those for our coffee tables.

I then to get a bit more dressed up. You know when you feel just “blah?” Yep. That was me due to lack of sleep. So I reapplied my makeup and straightened my hair. We were going out for dinner in a few hours anyway.

IMG_3906Caught. Selfie-ing it up!

My brother came over and we went out to shoppers really quick to pick up a few items. It was a good ol’ Vancouver rainy day and of course I don’t know where I placed my compact umbrella that is usually always in my purse.

We went to the Boathouse (in Kitsalino, located on the beach) with my parents for dinner. Boy. It was good!! My Dad and I are huge shellfish/seafood people so we split the oysters. Yum!

Oh.. and prepare yourself for horrible flash photos. It was way too dark in that place.

IMG_3909The miso sauce was really really good for these bad boys.

As for my entree, I couldn’t resist the lobster mac & cheese. Just sounded WAY too good to pass up.

IMG_3911It was REALLY good. Not overly cheesy which was nice. Enough for you to taste the cheese but it wasn’t drowning in sauce. I have half of it for after my long run today. Mwahaha!

Then we indulged in some dessert. Everyone went for the mocha ice cream cake except for me. The apple & sun dried cranberry crisp sounded more up my ally. Yum!

IMG_3912I have had SO many rich indulging foods last few days. Back to my clean eats today! my tummy is getting a bit mad with me!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am now off to run 18ish km and I will have company this time! Picking up my brother on the way!


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