Left in the dark..to think about self love?

Sunday Runday. I guess I start every post on Sundays like that hey? oh well! 18 km was on the menu and I did go a bit over. I met up with my brother around 4.2 km and he ran 15 km with me! We detoured a bit since I wasn’t paying attention and was distracted by the race going on along English Bay. Later I found out it was a half marathon I didn’t even know was going on! Otherwise I would have done that! oh well! I was so proud of Josh. He felt really good so it looks like he will be coming with me to San Francisco to run the half marathon. Cannot wait!! his very first and what a beautiful one to do too!

Before leaving though, I tore my FAVOURITE compression tights. Literally just bumped my knee on a corner and it tore. I don’t get how that even happens but it did. I am the type of person to dwell on materialistic stuff like this. So silly I know, but I am very careful with my belongings. So when stuff like this happens it bums me out. Whatever, got my run on and felt a bit better. Gonna try and mend them later this week.


I took a much needed bath. I have been looking forward to relaxing in a hot bath lately. Soothes my joints nicely. Yeah yeah, I know ice baths are better but I enjoy the heat…okay not that hot. I like warm baths haha! Too hot and I am out of there in like 5 minutes.

We then picked up my Grandma for a late lunch at one of our favourite spots, Cactus club in Coal Harbor. Right by the Olympic Torch that is suppose to be lit but isn’t. Apparently there is some controversy going on about this right now but eh. I am used to seeing it not lit!
IMG_3921We got a beautiful table looking out to the water. Seriously amazing on a clear day. Still beautiful when it is overcast though. I was getting dozy so it was time for a latte. Oh ya!

IMG_3922I then went with the Rob Hunter Chicken. One of my favourite dishes. Mushrooms, green beans, fingerling potatoes and chicken. NOM!

IMG_3923I love outings like this with my Grandma. She is such a beautiful strong woman and I am so happy to have time like this with her.

When we got home, I took off my makeup and donned my sweat pants. Oh baby. If you know me, I like sweats. Okay.. love. Then watched some TV with a super yummy Shakeology!

IMG_3927I was watching trashy TV. You know. Keeping up with the Kardashians..until the power went out. I guess that was God’s way of saying “thou shall not watch horrible ‘reality’ TV.”

IMG_3933Johnny was nervous. Here is a beautiful Bearded Collie silhouette
via FAKE candle light (yes a fake candle..battery run).

The wind knocked down a MASSIVE old tree and took out our power lines a few blocks down. We didn’t gain power until about 10 am. So that meant Blendz coffee and yogurt parfaits for breakfast. Didn’t realize how much I relied on power until I realized…OH MY GOSH… WHAT ABOUT MY COFFEE?!?! Clearly shows how much of an addict I am. #coffeeaddict #gimmemogimmegimmemoCOFFEE

Before bed? I had juice in my ipod still and I listened to my audiobook for about 2 hours and drifted to sleep probably around 8:30. #oldladystatus

The part of the book I was listening to was just what I needed to hear. First confirming that the symptoms I had while working with that coach a while back were NOT okay and could lead to bad consequences (ie. infertility). Second, self love for my body. This week has just been a tough week for me. I have let my anxieties take over. I have let my old “hide back in my shell” feelings take over. I have let negative thoughts about my body..take over. But you know what? I was blessed with this body and it is what I have to work with. So I am journalling what I love about my body physically to remind myself that every part of me is beautiful. We always want what we can’t have, but I am going to try and celebrate what I DO have. I have a beautiful body, it shows battle scars from my marathons and from my weight loss/gain in the past, it carries me for miles, and above all…it is HEALTHY.

I will share with you a few things I love about my physical body. Not to brag but to celebrate. I suggest you do the same!

– I love my legs. I have always loved how muscular they are. I love that they can carry me for 26.2 miles. I love that they are shapely. I love they have scars from all the years of soccer, volleyball and tumbles on my runs. I love these stems!
– My hair. Sure I don’t always deal with my hair. I rarely blowdry it. I rarely dye it. I rarely do anything with it. But I love that I have the ability to wash it and put into a french braid. I love how thick it and long it is. My hair is kinda my security blanket. I may or may not have heart palpitations at the thought of cutting it shorter.

– My freckles. I don’t think it shows on my vlogs that well, but I have freckles that are sprinkled on my nose. I used to hate them because none of my friends had them but you know what? I embrace them now. I love how there are more during the sunny seasons.

– My curves. This took a long time for me to truly love, but I love that I am curvy. I have always been a bit bustier and have bigger hips, but I love that now. Even down to my booty! I used to hate that I had a bit of a butt, now? I love it…though it makes shopping for real people clothing (aka jeans or dress pants) kind of difficult…that is also thanks to my quads but eh.

– My teeth. I used to hate them. As a kid I had a gap in my front teeth and I always felt self conscious of it. But I never needed braces. However, the ridiculous amount of cavities I have gotten (and still get) is something I don’t love (I was born with lower enamel on my teeth, fun fact.)

– My hands. Another weird one right? well I was told by “friends” in high school that my hands were pudgy and from then on I hated them…and then when I had to get my appendix removed? the doctor couldn’t find a vein in my hand and he made it a point to tell me I was overweight (Thanks Doc! I really didn’t get that from the endless bullying I got about my weight..). One of the weirder non-scale victories I had was that I could see the veins and bones on the tops of my hands and none of my rings fit anymore. So yes, I love my hands now! ha!

Now it is you turn! What do you love about the beautiful body of yours?


2 thoughts on “Left in the dark..to think about self love?

  1. I’m not sure if it is an oversight or a typo but yoghurt (greek or not) is dairy and is not vegan. Your shake is not vegan. I only mention it because that is pretty important to vegans and I’m sure you don’t want to alienate them accidentally.
    Additionally, I really enjoy your blog and like all the photos you post and stories you share. I have found it hard to find fitness blogs with your sort of perspective. Also, I’m jealous you have so much time to run and work out. I’d like to hear more about how you got to where you are now and any advice you’d have for people starting to be fit.

    • Hi Jen, (great name you got by the way 😉 Jen club represent!)
      I am fully aware it isn’t vegan. The formula of Shakeology I use is vegan..not the actual shake itself haha. I know that can be important to vegans but I am talking about the formula not the shake entirely.
      Thanks so much for supporting the blog! I am always around to chat (you can contact me via my email on my contact page or facebook like page!). Since I work as a coach from home, it makes it a bit easier when it comes to time management with my workouts. This journey was long and I still have my ups and downs, but (as cheesy as it is) if I can do this, ANYONE can! 🙂 Thanks again!

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