Stop comparing yourself to Instagram selfies!

Monday started with an awesome power outage, so it kinda threw me off. I am pretty routined so I didn’t get to doing work until later after when I got to my brothers place. I hung out with him most of the day. My vlog really wasn’t too great for Monday. I will say that. I kept forgetting to pull out the camera.

Work wise, the day was amazing! I had one of those days that yet again I look back and go “wow, this is what I do for work?” I love that I get to partner with people and do what we can together to make them successful with their health and fitness goals!

After both Josh and I had most of our work done, we decided to get our run on.

IMG_3956I would round the distance up to about 11 km since my watch didn’t catch a satellite signal until about 600 meters away from his condo. It was a great run. We always have our best conversations on the road. We ran along kits beach to kits point to granville island (one of my favourite spots in Vancouver) and just up to where Monk’s on the water used to be. Then we turned back. I was going to do my hill work but I am deciding to change that to a different day this week.

Then I went home and slept HARD. I was pretty tired considering I slept so much the night before!


Now, I wanted to talk to about something pretty near and dear to me.  INSTAGRAM.

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I am an instagram-aholic.

Have you ever checked out the fitness community on Instagram? #fitfam y’all! If you have seen my IG (that is the cool way of saying Instagram, dontchaknow?!) it is all selfie and workout central. Just sayin’. But today I wanted to talk about something that I see all to often from Instagram. The phenomenon that I call ANGLING.

You know how mass media markets Photoshopped images of models and often we are told as teens that this is not a reality and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to these images? Same thing with many images I see on Instagram that contain ANGLING.

ANGLING= when one  positions ones self in such a way that it is not a natural way of standing just to create the allusion of muscularity or slenderness. Usually these images are shown via selfies.

I will admit! I angle my body slightly off in photos. I always like to have my left hip facing the mirror and sometimes I flick my ponytail to the side a bit. But angling gets a bit out of hand when the individual looks 100% different in person. The gorgeous oh-so flattering fluorescent lighting in some gyms can even play a roll in angling so to create the allusion of more muscles.

I get it. No body walks around 100% of the time flexing or in a side angle position. I am not pointing all this out to be hateful or mean, I am pointing this out to give you all a reality check. You CANNOT compare yourself to an image that is no entirely accurate. People naturally do not stand the ways these images are shown.

What can you do? keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful the way you are. That, sure, these images may appeal to you, but know in some way it could be slightly deceptive. I mean hey! I could make a progress shot for my booty too within seconds. Just pop out that hip a bit more! Keep yourself in check and keep reminding yourself about your own beauty. Remember yesterdays self love exercise? keep a list of those physical traits close to you that you love so much!



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