Espresso fuelled run


Again, a great example of how routined I am. I was planning on my morning workout and some plans came up. My momma and I had to go into downtown. My Nespresso maker has been showing a yellow light which usually means either it needs cleaning or it may need to be reset. We went into the Bay and they told me to reset the water resets (has to do with the hardness or softness of an areas water I suppose). But I picked up the cleaning fluid for future use anyway. I also picked up a few more sleeves since we don’t have a Nespresso store in the Bay in Victoria and I rather physically pick them up than have them sent to my house. I know. Sounds so old school of me.


We also stopped for a little espresso too. I went with my usual Roma capsule. Yum!


After a longer amount of time away from the house than expected, I got home and I was ravenous. Oh baby. Fueled up with some tomato soup from whole foods and a chicken sandwich. Just when I got a text from my brother asking if I was up for a run. Heck ya I was! But wow! We went WAY farther than I expected. But it was so beautiful out and we were having such great conversations that it was not too bad. 15.62 km on a regular weekly run? unusual but good! Made me sleep HARD.

IMG_4009I had crazy thirst on the run though. Does anyone else get this when you run long distances and you just CRAVE sweet liquid? like I was thinking how good a big glass of collllld apple juice would be. Or, even better, apple juice mixed with Perrier water. Oh baby. But no, I didn’t have those things. I had a TON of water when I got home and a super yummy dinner thanks to my Momma.

But now it is back to the island! I have to get a care package out this week and I have to ship from Victoria. Plus I just miss my home and the beautiful Victoria scenery!



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