How I keep motivated with my at home workout programs

Back to the island life, yo!

I find I really miss my little apartment in Victoria when I am gone for more than a week so I decided it was time to go home. I took the 11 am ferry and you know what? I was STARVED by the time I got home and made not the best choice for lunch. But hey, what is life. I may or may not have had my snickers bars (which I use for marathon training fuel. Hence, why they are always on hand). I was going out for a run anyway so I didn’t feel too horrible. But I ate two. Whoopsiesssss ;).

I hadn’t done hill runs all week because I didn’t want to put my brother through that torture. So I did them yesterday. Since Sunday entails a whopping 25 km run, I decided Thursday was the best time to do drill work. I don’t want heavy sore legs on Sunday. Ever. I remember one time, I did P90X (back in 2011) the day before a half marathon. Yep. My glutes and hamstrings were not happy.

IMG_4017It was a great run even if I wasn’t 100% mentally focused. I will say those snickers gave me some great energy though. Ha! However, as I was waiting for the light to change about 200 meters from my home I had a fun experience.

Boys… I tell ya.

I don’t get the whole cat calling thing. Good thing I had my ear buds in and my music LOUD. I looked to my right only to see a moving truck inching up ever so slowly to the point that I was thinking “wow is this guy gonna run a red light on a busy street?”. I looked at the driver and there were 3 guys smiling giving me thumbs up and sayin’ “lookin’ good.”

Tell me. What do people expect when they cat call someone and then pull something like this? the individual to just prance over and ask for their number? I don’t know. I just don’t appreciate the art of cat calling and yelling out your window I guess. To each their own.

Once I got home, I had a meeting booked with my good friend Dana! We cannot wait for this Shakeology challenge to get underway! So many amazing people, and hello! I love me some accountability. (Very few spots left! get yours now by contacting my email or Facebook like page!).

Then a webinar we were tuning in on had to get rescheduled for some very good reasons. (Very happy to see Dani Johnson’s family friend delivered the two healthy twin girls safely!!). So I decided to get my P90X3 CVX on because I knew I wouldn’t be up for 3 P90X3 workouts on Friday. So I got ‘er done…acid wash tights and all.

IMG_4023Apparently I am all about the red these days!

Now, I get asked this a lot. How do I stay motivated with these at home workouts? To be honest, I really really enjoy the way P90X3 has been making me feel. I feel like I am getting stronger annnd I am leaning out. I also put on some REALLY awesome music. If you are a TurboKick instructor, you know what I am talking about. Turbo music is THE best music to workout to! I always have that going but sometimes I get the urge to punch, uppercut, hook and kick when I am doing P90X3 and listening to Turbo. I can’t help it!

So bottom line? find what you LOVE to do. If you love yoga? do yoga. If you love running? run! If you love to turbo? TURBO!! I suggest mixing it up though, just for mental and physical variety. There is no point making yourself go through the motions with something you ABSOLUTELY HATE. THAT is how I made fitness apart of my lifestyle. I found what I loved and kept with it!

I used to think at home programs weren’t all that they were cracked up to be. But it wasn’t until I found Beachbody products that I realized that I had found an amazing company. Everything they have put out, I like some aspect of it. They really have something for EVERYBODY and they can make it fun. Oh. Plus you don’t have to pay any crazy membership fees, which is a bonus in my books. You also get a free coach if you purchase though Beachbody or any of the coaches websites (another reason why I suggest refraining from buying on Ebay or Amazon. You don’t get the added accountability and support! plus you don’t know if the programs have been tampered with).

So keep trying things out and finding out what kinds of workouts are most enjoyable for you! Fitness doesn’t have to be all about physical results (though these come along side it, more often than not). Think about how great moving and celebrating your body makes you feel! personally, fitness has shown me that I am WORTH this fight and I can do a heck of a lot more than my mind ever thought I could. YOU are in charge of your success. YOU are worth it. Show yourself what you are made of!


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