New edition to the Jenn Jones gym: Bowflex dumbbells

I am so happy to say I took one of the bags of Shakeology from my parents house back to Victoria. I seriously wake up craving this stuff. What was in this batch?

Vegan Tropical ShakeologyAlmond milk
handful of super food blend (Costco)
half a banana

I am happy to have almond milk around. My parents don’t use it so I always forget when they don’t have it AS I am making my shake and have to resort to something else (eg: greek yogurt and water). I am sure it is fine with just water but I like the “creaminess” of something else in there.

I had most of my work done first thing in the morning and did my best to get my P90X3 workout on right after. I needed a snack since I had been up for while at this point so oats, almonds, and berries it was!

IMG_4025Then it was time for my P90X3 workouts. Incinerator and MMX. I got around to unwrapping my Valentine’s day gift from Matt. Bowflex dumbbells! These bad boys range from 5 to 52.5 lbs! oh baby. This man knows the way to a fit girls heart.

IMG_4027As for the workout… I was motivated by a long hot bath, tea, Millionaire Matchmaker, hair mask and face mask. Hello Me time.. my favourite kinda time….er okay maybe not as much as race time. I live for race day <3.

IMG_4033I will say the weights look kinda funny when you are working with lower weights. Some moves can be a bit awkward since they are so long, but you can make it work. For me it was just so convenient to find something that doesn’t take up a ton of space like individual dumbbells do! So I gotta say, I LOVE them so far!

So I took a nice hot bath with and relaxed. I love doing this on Fridays. Saturday is my rest day and I go to church so I like to do my best to look like a normal person. Aka, tamed hair, sans spandex and makeup on. I love feeling all girlie and stuff but it can be hard for me to justify sometimes. Sounds so silly! but I work from home, and I sweat once sometimes twice a day. I also shampoo my hair maybe twice a week to keep from drying it out. Life it tough you guys. I hate huge life decisions like “should I bother with my makeup or not.” (note: sarcasm.)

Have an amazing weekend everyone! If it is your rest day, treat yourself to some self pampering! if it is a workout day? SHOW yourself what you are made of. PUSH it!



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