Catching up with an old friend

I woke up with soft shiny hair. Good for you, Jenn right? Ladies, you can appreciate this.

So I decided to attend to my hair first thing. I rarely put heat on my hair but I felt like having straighter hair. So out came my straightener! I had breakfast while I was doing that. Shakeology, americano and water.

IMG_4035Yeah I have my Shakeology in a beer mug. Ironic? possibly.

Then? I got a surprise call from my friend, Emmy, that I literally ran into the other week! She would be coming into to town and wanted to grab lunch and shop for a bathing suit for her trip to Hawaii. Lucky duck. So we went to Green Cuisine in market square. I haven’t been here in years! I always forget what a gem it is, however it can get a bit pricey since it is billed by weight. It is a vegan restaurant. Oh yum.

IMG_4037Look at that plethora of veggie goodness.

With a side of gingerade Kombucha. Wee!

My friend, Emmy, and I have known each other since first year university. She has seen me at my unhealthiest state and has seen me change over the years. She has been so supportive of everything I do as I have of everything she has done. It was so great to connect with her. I really admire her. She always can find a cause or something she wants to do, and she will go ahead and just do it. No wavering. Just go out there, and get to what she wants to do!

After lunch she introduced me to Bliss cafe. How have I never been in there?! juice and gluten free/ dairy free heaven!!

We picked up a little sweet treat for the way. Introducing the oh-so-yummy Bliss Bar. So good!


We had no luck finding a bathing suit so I told her to check out Target on her way home. For prices, they can sometimes be a good bet. We hung out for about 3 or 4 hours but I had to get to church.

I really love the mass I have been going to. I swear Father just knows what to say every time I go. He really spoke to me yesterday. Speaking about our spouse or friends that when they are gone from our lives, for what ever reason (ie vacation or otherwise), we miss them. We miss them because they are good friends that push us past mediocrity. They help us preform our best in every part of our lives and won’t settle for letting us just go with the flow of things. The last little while, I have really found how supportive my friends and husband have been. My job isn’t your usual job. I don’t sit in a cubicle from 9-5. I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas if I don’t want to (I usually do though..into sweat pants! đŸ˜‰ ). A lot of the time people”poo poo” it because they are threatened or really have no education on what I do. But my friends push me to be the best I can be with my job and full support what I do. They also reaffirm that it doesn’t matter what other people think because clearly this line of work makes me extremely happy. I couldn’t be more grateful.




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