25 km with a side of snrain

Sunday Runday. Seriously..can I start another Sunday blog with that phrase? well I just DID.

Started my morning with a double shot americano, banana, 2 slices of Ezekiel bread and Peanut butter.

IMG_4040Hey look. A weird happy face of sorts..

On the menu? 25 km (think that converts to a bit under 16 miles I believe). It was snraining out. YOU know. Snow raining? That is what we call winter in Victoria


er… maybe not.

Well at least not IN Victoria. Since I ran out to Colwood, I did get to see some snow actually landing. Made for a slower paced run.

IMG_4048Beautiful run though. I always enjoy the route that goes out that way. Once the distance climbs more, I usually run out to Langford which always makes people go *insert scooby-doo voice* RAAAAAAA?! RUH RO!  I will admit. This run was pretty lonely. I am so used to running in a group, but at the same time I have been getting a lot more “reading” done. The quotes are because I am really listening. Audiobooks FTW! This week I am listening to Divergent. Totally out of my usual kind of reading. I rarely ever read post-apocalyptic world type books..well…fiction books at all for that matter. I may think about looking into audible may be a good idea..perhaps. Any of you guys use audible? comments? suggestions? buuuullllller?

I got home WET and cold…and hungry. No surprise here right? GIMME FOOOOOD.

First thing I did, though, was turn on the hot water to make myself an Epsom salt bath. As that was preparing I got together something to eat. I made this feast.

IMG_4047Yep. Popped toast with my FAVOURITE cheese of all cheeses, Dubliner cheese, into the oven to broil. I poached two eggs, cut up an orange and made an almond milk latte. Win. Ah-MAZE-innnnng.

Had my lovely relaxing bath while catching up on Youtube videos, then hopped out to deal with my rat nest hair. Fun thing. Go out for a run with straight hair in a tidy ponytail…SNRAIN hits..then POOF. Big ol’ knotty hair.

Then I moisturized my footsies to pop them into these babies. AH. My all time favourite compression socks by CEP. Love this colour.


For reals. I may not have gotten up at 4 am to go watch hockey and have beer in a bar..but I sure as heck can support Canada by putting these on my feet. Kinda the same thing right? no? oh well.


I relaxed, watched some Evan Almighty (I almost always PVR movies that are on TV on the weekends just so I can watch them when I am crippled recovering from a run), and Pinterested like a mad woman. Oh and I ate part of my rotisserie chicken and kale salad I picked up at the market after church on Saturday night.


Now to go inflict pain on myself foam roll, yoga and stretch it out! P90X3 baby! Seriously love that the program forces me to work on my flexibility. I am the WORST for doing it on my own!



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