Stretch it out!

Monday Vlogday? well guys, I think I will be changing up the days I vlog. Usually I vlog Mondays and upload Tuesday but they are getting pretty boring. So I am going to experiment with vlogging on Sundays so you can see a bit into my training, see me prep, run, and zombify post run! with the odd Costco haul with Gabe too!

Anyway, Monday’s can make for tired heavy legs so it was a yoga and dynamic stretching workout kinda day. Thank you P90X3 for getting me to do my flexibility training because lets be honest. I most likely would not do that great of a job otherwise. I am so bad for not stretching after workouts. My hammies, IT band, glutes, lower back and quads were MUCH happier with me afterwards.

IMG_4087I just had one of those days, though, that felt like I was constantly doing something…yet achieving nothing. So what do I do then? I write an intense in depth to do list. Yes, time line included. Keeps me on track with my daily tasks and keeps me accountable to myself.

I will tell you (since I blogging a heck of a lot later than I usually do) that intense to-do list is doing me well! Wee!

Anywho, before I go.. please check out my Facebook (click here!)if you haven’t already. This is the easiest way to get ahold of me if you ever just wanna chat! I love get in touch with anyone who can put up with my crazy training/blogging journey! ;).


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