Carb me, baby!

Tuesday! aka drill day. It was my final hill repeat day for this training. Next I get into some tempo work and honestly, that isn’t my strong suit. Especially lately. But you know what? we need to work on our weaknesses! Tempo work ALWAYS changes my body, my mind, my attitude and my overall training. So why wouldn’t I just do it? Time to put my big girl running tights on and just face it for the next couple weeks!


Also, I love my RRX Running Room reflective jacket. It is warm enough I can just wear a tank underneath (for me anyways, I am a human furnace!). I don’t like a lot of layers.

I ran 10 hill repeats and MAN I felt energized. May have been because I overate a bit the night before (whoops!). But I felt FULL of energy and fully focused. I decided why not round up the run and get to 10 km so I ended up taking the long route home. It was too beautiful outside not to!

IMG_4102One thing that really occured to me on Monday is that my marathon hungries are in full force. So what I have been doing, which has TOTALLY helped, is changed around my meals a bit. So I have my Shakeology first thing, go for my run, and post run I have a good carby helping. THIS made my day yesterday.. okay I am being over dramatic. But I love having the last tablespoon of PB left JUST so I can do this. Peanut butter, banana oats IN A JAR! Oh baby.

IMG_4104CARB ME, babycakes!

It does make my lunch a bit later in the day, but I find it “sticks to my ribs” as it should.

After tidying up and doing my best to look somewhat presentable, I had some buyers come in to take a look at my IKEA TV stand. They loved it and it is now sold to a new home! My place already feels like it is more open. I am selling stuff so that when we move, we don’t take stuff we won’t be wanting to keep anyway.

Yesterday was just an overall amazing day. I had multiple moments here I was like “WOW. This is my job? are you serious?” I still cannot believe what I do for work is a real thing. I love love love what I do.



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