Pilates in my best elf pants

I had a busy line up! So I decided to get my workout done right away after my Shakeology (hence the last blog post). I had Isometric and Pilates. WOW. I haven’t done pilates before and my booty was sore after! and yes, I wore my Christmas elf pants.

I met with to clients I will be working with very shortly. I am very excited to get to know them and work with them! We went to a cafe in Uptown I had never been in and I was pleasantly surprised to see they served almond milk. Almond milk latte for the win!

IMG_4126I picked up a few produce items before heading home. I got a bit of work done before getting ready for some girls night! I reconnected with one of the wives who’s husband is on Matt’s ship. It was good to chat! in fact we chatted for over 3 hours and had a lovely dinner at Cactus Club. Just what I needed. I didn’t get home until 9:15. What a party animal I am. Oh, and no alcohol to be clear. I just don’t drink during training season…I do ….CARB though!

IMG_4128This wasn’t the plan but man. I love their prawn spaghetti so I went for it and don’t regret it one bit! Originally I was going for the Rob Hunter chicken dish because it is just one of my faves but nope. Had to carb it up. Delish. Then I slept hard to only be woke by a fire truck and an alarm going off in the building across the street at 3 am. Oh well.


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