“Stuff dem peppas”

Started my morning with my Shakeology then I hit the road for an ‘ez run.’ I decided to do a 10 km again, just because I wanted to.

IMG_4111Yes same jacket and pose as yesterday. WHADDUP?
Decided to make my granola because I wanted something carby and crunchy. Yum! Here were my mix ins: walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, apricots.

IMG_4109Oh.. and then I added coconut too because it sounded like a marvelous idea.


Since our Shakeology group is basically all ready to go, I had a little planning to do and work. So I did that before hopping into.. you guessed it. P90X3 AGILITY X yeahh!

IMG_4119For dinner I felt like getting interesting. I had too many bell pepers left over that I needed to use and decided “HEY! Let’s stuff dem peppas!” (you can tell I am tired because I say stuff like this, and there’s a lot of photos and little text. It is the end of the day. Whoops! routine was a bit off today!)

IMG_4120I just stir fried ground beef and various veggies with liquid aminos and some spices. Popped em in these bad  boys and put em in the oven for 10 minutes on 375.

IMG_4121Perfect with some green beans!


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