Results and I am a Fitfluential Ambassador!

Since it was the last day of the month, it was a busy day! it was a really busy morning more like it. I got my workout done before a potential buyer came to look at our living room set. A little P90X3 Accelerator action! Really love this workout in particular. Hadn’t done it in a while since it wasn’t on my monthly schedule. Monday starts the last month of P90X3!! Wow! time is gone by fast.IMG_4135
I have enjoyed P90X3 a lot. I will say I took my stats today and I am pleasantly surprised. With P90X3 and marathon training underway, I am down 11 inches overall. 3.5 off my waist alone! and I am down 1.9% body fat!  woohoo! Great to see these changes with the way my mindset has been. In the past it was hard to love my body for what it is at that particular moment in time, but this time around? I gotta say I feel more and more comfortable with my body. That is huge for me!

After the potential buyer came by, I had my yummy lunch. Been LOVING stuffed peppers and don’t even get me started on my love affair with sweet potato with garlic powder.

IMG_4134After work was somewhat done for the day and lunch was digested, it was run time.

My husband has challenged me to a dual. Navy 10 km. We do this a lot. Like..most races. It is all out of fun! The first year we were dating we trash talked each other SO much about who was going to win the Navy 10 km Jenn vs Matt dual. Then we got to the start line and agreed to run together. I gotta say I loved that because he really pushed me and I managed to PB. THEN, get this, because his foot with the timing chip crossed the finish line just before mine, his time was a second faster. Therefore he brags about it *eye roll*. ALL. THE. TIME. So the joke is that he has beat me in this race, yet I have PRed his half time and finished an 8 km we did last January about 10 minutes faster. We like competition ;). So end of June we will be rematching. I am not as cocky as I once was. As you guys know, I took last year off. I don’t feel as though my condition is anywhere near where it was. Decided I would run a route I made up in my head as FAST as I could yesterday. I was a bit tired from running later than I would usually and had some headwind to deal with.

IMG_4144All things considered, I managed a 5:09/km avg pace. Not bad. A Smidgen slower than what I could achieve when when I was in peak condition but still very proud of this. I honestly didn’t think I had that in me still. I kind of forgot what it feels like to push myself past those paces and boundaries. I was POOPED after! But well worth it because I had a date with my hot Epsom salts bath and trashy TV. Oh baby.

Later in the day I received an email. I was a little dumbfounded and didn’t expect this at all! but my application to be a Fitfluential Ambassador was accepted! VERY excited for this opportunity.

IMG_4146I want to thank each and everyone of you who read each day and engage with my social media platforms. I really enjoy sharing my ups, downs and everything in between when it comes to my fitness and health. You guys keep me inspired and motivated. Thank you! Love you all so much!


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