I <3 Saturdays

I love Saturdays, but WHY must they pass by so quickly? It may not sound like much to other people, but I just love the alone time to do my chores. Weird right? oh well. I slept in until 8:30 got up to do a few work related things and plan out my week. Then got some house chores done. Laundry, dishes, tidying and cleaning. Ah, nothing better than a clean space.

I then went to church at my regular time. Father is still on it! Yet again, talking about stuff I needed to hear. I have been having a lot of worry and anxiety lately. He spoke about learning to not let these parts of the human condition take over out lives and paralyze us. I haven’t been at this point with my anxiety in months, but he said some words that really made me feel at ease. I love how centred I feel after mass.

Since Sunday I had a plan to run 27 km, I decided I would have an indulgence meal after church. I stopped at one of my favourite Mexican restaurants. La Taquisa! I had a beef burrito (sans dairy but with guacamole..just has to happen!) with some chips and salsa mild verde.

Oh my goodness you guys. Best decision I made all week. Seriously love their stuff. After dinner I relaxed and read blogs, watched “Coraline” off my PVR, and talked with my girl Liv before hitting the hay.

Perfect relaxing Saturday if you ask me! Saturdays are almost always my rest day, especially with these long distances that are happening on Sundays now.

Looks like next Satruday my brother and my sister in law Stephanie will be in town. So I am excited for that!


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