Sweats, compression socks and LOTS of TV

Sunday Ru..errr okay you get it. I ended up vlogging since I am trying out changing my days to Sundays. I know a lot of your read and subscribe to my channel for running stuff, so we will see how the sunday runday vlogdays workout!

27 km on the menu and my iphone said there was a 100% chance of snow. Liar. Where I was there was no snow and really not much rain. It was a little drizzly, but nothing crazy. I am sure it was worse up towards where I ran the following week, so pretty happy I decided to run towards the University instead. My attitude was very much: “I so don’t want to do this right now.” But I bit the bullet and did it. Sometimes you just gotta!

So my pacing was a bit slower (avg 6:50/km), but eh, got er done!

I then had an amazing post run meal. Oh baby. Eziekel toast, salsa mild verde and 2 poached eggs. YUMMY!

IMG_4157I then hopped into a hot epsom salt bath with my shakeology and almond milk latte for some youtube watching and relaxing.

I was the most productive I have ever been post long run. Usually I am useless and a total zombie. But I got some work done and folded the laundry! PS, who am I? Folding my laundry at the start of the week? I am so bad for doing that. I am happy I did, because it looks a lot less messy!

IMG_4162I donned my compression socks and PINK sweatpants to watch Scary Movie 3 on my PVR and then some of the Oscars….okay and Border Security. It is my new favourite show!

IMG_4166Then some of this torture ensued during the Amazing Race. I could feel my IT bands SUPER tight during the run. Especially my right one. I remember having a trainer point out that one of my hips are higher when I do plank..this is usually the reason. Tight IT bands. Fun times, not. I think I may “treat”myself to a RMT sports massage…I quote treat because it is a bit ironic. It isn’t a treat in anyway. At all. It is a super painful clobbering if you will.. but I feel like a million dollars after so whatever. I have been feeling a knot or something going on near my right scapula so it may be worth going to.

Yeesh. I watched a lot of TV! I rarely watch TV that long. Seriously! I am not a big TV person. There are a few shows I like but I could be completely content with Youtube ha! Either way, it was a wonderful Sunday.



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