Sweat it out!

Do you ever just have those days where all of a sudden you realize you are just feeling off? Yesterday for me. I will say I didn’t help myself since I didn’t try to get my attitude in the right space. I am a believer that YOU are in charge of your own happiness and attitude. I just was feeling a lot of emotions and on top of that I was SUPER frustrated with my imovie. Basically cannot get the video to render without any video errors. The audio is completely fine, but the video is just a frozen image. FRUSTRATING. I ended up doing my P90X3 hoping that would make me feel better, and it did for a little while. Then I got back into a funk.

So after talking to my mom for a while and to a few awesome girlfriends who really, I am so grateful for. I decided to pop down to the mail box and what do I see? a new turbokick round!! weee!So I popped it in right away, downloaded the music, and started turbo-ing. Now THAT is a way to get out of a funk. I was SO close to wanting to walk up to Bulk Barn and just go crazy on some chocolate covered almonds and maple cookies (yes I am Canadian and this confirms it …eh?). Anyway, sometimes you just got to SWEAT IT OUT!

So far, really loving the music on this round of turbo! Especially Timber by Ke$ha. What? it is an awesome song!

For dinner, since I didn’t have many groceries around, I made something super easy yet comforting. Tomato soup and toast. I really wanted grilled cheese but lets just say, if I had cheese in this house…I would have a problem. Grilled cheese for ever meal, I tell ya.

IMG_4174So Tuesday? I am choosing a better mindset. I am choosing to be more positive and cheerful. Now off for some yoga then a run!


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