Speed run in the rain

Monday, wasn’t my best day. So Tuesday goal? to be positive and smile as much as I could. I started my morning with espresso, Shakeology and X3 Yoga. One of my favourite disks of P90X3. Seriously.

IMG_4182Right after yoga, I hopped into my running attire since I needed to get my speed work done first thing. I put my new Turbo music in my ears and went. Gotta say, Turbo is the BEST kinda music for speed work. SO good. I felt like I was flying. I was doing pick ups and since it was raining, the pathways were so clear!

IMG_4188The best thing? it was raining. No I am not being sarcastic, guys! I love running in the rain. Something so refreshing about it. Back in my soccer days, rainy games were my FAVOURITE. Something about feeling the rain in my hair and feeling bad to the bone. Yeah. I said that…okay move on.

IMG_4186I had my bath and got all ready for my day. I had to go to the base in Esquimalt quickly, then I met with a good friend downtown. Monday was such a tough day and I really felt I needed a friend. My good friend Emily had a few hours to meet for coffee at one of our favourite cafes. Habit(in the Atrium). I love me a good almond milk latte. She was a smidgen late since buses out of the university and college get packed at the time we were meeting at. So I did some planning for the workout I was doing with my clients that night.

IMG_4190I really appreciate my friendship with this girl. She just gets it and she inspires me. She is working so hard in school right now and I am so proud of her!

I really do have some amazing friendships in my life. I have been doing my best to keep as social as I can over the last few months or so, but sometimes I just REALLY need to be social. So it felt good to put some makeup on and meet up for a nice almond milk decaf latte.

I then met with my two clients. I am so excited to be working with these two! After the workout, on the drive home, we realized how tired we were. One of my clients kept telling me how amazing this one sushi place in town was and how much more affordable it was in comparison to others. So we stopped by on the way home. She was right. It was ridiculously delicious and amazing pricing! It is the Sockeye sushi place on Johnson between Douglas and Blanshard. AMAZING. We shared two rolls and a seaweed salad. Delish. No picture since I didn’t want her to think her trainer was a crazy person…it will come out sooner or later though ;).

I was not used to such a go go go day! Haven’t had one of those in a while, but I really enjoy those. Now that I work from home, I find I get very sedentary throughout the day. So my goal is to be more active throughout the day! So to say the least, I was in bed at 9:30. Perfect.
Oh.. and lately I have been into figuring out what dreams mean. I had a dream on Saturday night that all my teeth fell out which apparently can mean anxiety or going through change in your life that you may be nervous about. My dream last night? I was eating McDonalds… I haven’t eaten there since April of 2009.. what gives? I woke up feeling guilty and it didn’t even actually happen!! Funny stuff.


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