My love for poached eggs

Wednesday started off great. I slept in until 9 am. Seriously. Best part about making my own schedule. I REALLY needed it since my sleep pattern has been pretty poor lately. I need to get back into my “in bed by 9:30” routine because that is what helps me preform best both physically and mentally. NEW GOAL! zingggg!

Started with my MMX P90X3 workout. I always love this one too. Sweaty mess after!

I then got caught up answering questions and talking to people about my Facebook question of the day. If you haven’t seen it and want to know what it is.. I would LOVE to know your answer:

What would an extra $500/month do for you and your family?

After waiting TOO long to get out for my run. I had a case of the midday slumpies and I don’t wannas. Really wasn’t up for hitting the road but then my Turbo music started going and I told myself to just get my butt out the door.

IMG_4210Oh ya. Sporting the same jacket I have been ALL week. You know why? because I am a class broad. Oh don’t worry, it will be washed after my run tomorrow. Most of my running jackets, I now noticed, are in the storage locker and I have been too lazy to dig out all the stuff to get to them. It wasn’t the easiest run. It was one of those runs where I kept trying to convince myself that I needed a walk break. Oh, and see how white the shoes are? wasn’t the case after. As a road runner, I don’t do well with mud. The entire run I was like “dude.. I need to clean these.. they are so muddy” just because people refuse to file single file on a pathway. I find that so incredibly rude. I think there is an unspoken rule that on pathways or sidewalks, you should stay on the right side of the path (in North America anyway ;)). Or at least single file if you see people coming towards you…common courtesy I think. What is your opinion on this?

I am down to the nitty gritty with my groceries. So I defrosted some chili, put it over quinoa and topped with a poached egg. LOVING poached eggs these days.

IMG_4217Marathon hungries were dang BAD yesterday. NOT good when you need groceries. At least I have eggs. Poached eggs for DAYYYYS. Yum.


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