Eccentric Upper and Lower = SORE EVERYTHING

Well, Thursday really wasn’t that eventful! I did my P90X3 workout and decided to not document it! I took a little break from Instagram yesterday just because I felt I needed it.

But my P90X3 workouts were the eccentric upper and lower. HOLY CATS. I am soooore! I love that I can use my Bowflex dumbbells for these workouts. Really happy about them. But I forgot how much harder it is to focus on the eccentric movement of exercises. It is easy to just pump out your reps but when you really focus on certain tempos, you will see a total difference.

I got some work done for planning out challenge groups for the next few months. We still have a few spots in one that is starting March 31st that will teach you portion control, gives you 30 minute workouts, and then you get that added support of a group situation. So if you are interested, sports are limited. Contact me!

I then had an appointment with some clients. These two I train together and I really love their dynamic! makes for some hilarious moments! Since they were pretty sore from my leg workout on Tuesday, we focused on core and upper body.

After we stopped at the Market on Millstream and Superstore for some groceries. Much needed since I had little to nothing in my fridge. I was prepared to eat tomatoes, left over salmond and quinoa! Which isn’t too horrible I guess!

IMG_4227And then I got confirmation that my brother will be in town this weekend. Woohoo! So I will have a partner for 18 of my 29 km on Sunday. Pretty happy about that! I am trying to plan out a few things we can do while he is here. My sister in law will be in town tomorrow so we will be going to sushi. FOR SURE. No option there, Josh (my brother). Steph and I had this date planned out FOR WEEKS…okay more like months. But whatever. #sushiaddicts #allyoucaneat


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