Homemade Coconut Banana Ice Cream!




Since this week wasn’t my best. I can’t say too much as to why but I will say I was experiencing the most anxiousness I have experienced. Ever. Super uncomfortable and really I didn’t deal with it the way I used to. I refrained from emotional eating which is great. But I also managed to mess up my sleep routine as I talked about. Woo. So anyway, anything that I was suppose to do the entire week? Ya that wasn’t done. So it all landed on Friday morning to afternoon to get done before my brother arrived. I got up extra early to get an early start on my day.



Had to pick up a few items, do some errands that I really hate (*shaking fist* darn youuu recycling and trash! I hate that room in our building!), program design for some client appointments I have coming up, and get some coaching business sorted (also type this out right before bed so I can post it and not be on my computer all day while my brother is in town.. I AM FREEEEE FREEEEE I TELLS YA!).

Oh.. and I made ice cream!

2 cans of full fat coconut milk

lots of ice

3-4 frozen bananas



The servings I have left will need to be slightly defrosted before eating since they are hard as a rock from the freezer. But I really like this! not as sweet or as solid as your typical ice cream but it does hit the spot! I am sure you could add stevia if you wanted it to be sweeter but I find the bananas make it as sweet as I like it.


My brother came over on the ferry. He came here a few months back, but he was a bit busy. So it is nice to spend a little time with him while he is town. We are thinking eating out a bit, yoga, a few runs, and maybe a walk out to Ogden point! Trying our best to be healthy!


And since I am typing this before it happened..I will assume as to what happened next.. We ran (see in photo below) in the dark and had a great night!


IMG_4233Then we went for dinner and got La Taquisa…while watching Craig Ferguson! My favourite late night show. I went with my usual burrito sans dairy..with GUAC. So good! So here is an artsy fartsy photo of burrito and tv.



Then I had my usual Friday night bath time. IMG_4235

Then I found this hilarious E-Card for my challengers who are doing their 21 day fix. LOVE it!


Now to get off my computer until I am crippled post 29 km run on Sunday.







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