29 km and lots of treats!

So Sundays run was 29 km. My brother came with me for 15 km of it and we both noticed how much longer the run was feeling. When he looped off, I literally thought “um…how can I run another 14 km?” I think we just started off WAY too quickly and then we took more walk breaks than we should have. I showed him the glory of King George Terrace and he was like “IT KEEPS GOING?!”(For my non-Victoria readers.. King George Terrace is this BEAUTIFUL scenic drive but it is a big incline). So we ran out around Oak Bay to Dallas and then I ran out to Esquimalt along the Songhee’s and cut in around the Galloping Goose. On my way home I was running down Government and thought “hey..that man has the same shoes Josh has”…only to look up and see it was my brother. I was at 28.5 km so I thought “eh, Im done.” I was dealing with a VERY large blister on the instep of my right foot for about 20 km of this run and my body was aching. So I stopped.


We got a coffee and a cookie (omg so good!) and then I showed him the glorious safe haven of Bulk Barn. He had never seen a place like this and he was floored by everything they had. I had been wanting to go and get some treats at Bulk Barn ALL week. Seriously. All I could think about was candy and cookies. So bad. So I told myself I could have some treats on Sunday if I was going to be up that way.. I was up that way. I did get treats. OH THE SUGARY TREATS!


To say the least. Sunday wasn’t my healthiest for nutrition. But I am owning up to it. I do this from time to time and I LOVE candy. It is something so weird for me because growing up I wasn’t huge into sweets. But I noticed with running the two things I want most are: candy and carbonated drinks (usually beer or soda!). But eh, I am human!

….oh and I may have had 2 slices of pizza that I had left over from the night before and ate it in the bath while I was making emails . What? you don’t email and eat pizza in the bath? Well I will say this. You have not lived. #livingthelife #IsocoolthatIhashtaginmyblogs

Anyway, I ended the night with a bowl of Tomato soup, the Amazing Race and catching up on my be loved Grey’s Anatomy.

This week my goals are to
A) not talk about sugary treats that I want to bathe in..
B) be as social so I can be in a more positive, rainbow and sunshiney place!C) be awesome.


That is all.


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