Sassy shorts and shoes

As I talked about on Sunday. I had a massive blister. I woke up and things seemed okay so I went ahead with the two workouts I had planned from my 2nd week into the last month of P90X3 (crazy how fast this is going!!). I had decelerator which is awesome yet tricky. It definitely helps my body with balance and core stabilization which is key with my training. It focuses a lot on the landing  of plyometric movements and also has a lot of slow loading movements. Then I did Pilates X. Holy moly that one is hard. All the abs and breathing! Yeesh! it isn’t my strongest area that’s for sure. Also I always have a sore booty after it!

I went with my sassy shorts and shoes. Hadn’t worn em in a while.


I trained with my clients closer to my place yesterday. It was a great session and it was so nice to be so close to home. Since I had a friend coming over I needed to get home so I decided to walk. It was just too darn beautiful out to pass it up and it gave me time to talk to my mom on the way.

After getting home, I really realized I shouldn’t have worked out. My blister got WAY worse and now I am limping about. I am going to clean and take really good care of it. Looks like Tuesday is an unscheduled rest day. Better to take time off now and let it heal rather than get it all infected and fester!

Later on, I hopped down to my friend Gabrielle’s apartment. We watched the important parts of the finale of the Bachelor. That counts right? we talk a lot! I would say it is a problem..but it isn’t. That is what PVR is for! I wasn’t super excited with this season to be truthful! But eh!

Her kitty was being adorable and trying to get my keys from UNDER the glass table. So now I will leave you with an adorable cat picture. This is Penny. Penny…bo benny.




2 thoughts on “Sassy shorts and shoes

  1. HAHA! Oh Penny… I really love that you added bo benny after her name. I’m such a dork for calling her that! PS, girls night rocks…Can’t wait for Sunday!

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