This blister is on fiiyaaaaa

Please tell me you read the title with the tune of “This Girl is on Fire” by Alicia Keys. You didn’t? ah, I guess that is okay too…yeesh.

The blister decided to run my day so I hobbled over to get some supplies to really clean things out. I had an epsom salt bath and then cleaned it out. To give you an idea of size of this thing.. it took two of those extra large bandages to cover up.

IMG_4286Gotta say..polysporin does the job! felt a heck of a lot better within hours!

Then my friend Emmy gave me a call. I had an indulgence. It was a vegan chocolate cake with some fruit from Green Cuisine. That place is deadly I tell ya.

IMG_4288But as I was leaving to hang with Emmy….that beautiful green box of Shakeology showed up at my door. Score! Emmy and I walked around town for a while and my blister didn’t hurt much at all. Probably should have rested more but I needed to socialize! I got home around 6 and decided to make dinner. Shakeology pudding!

IMG_4291When I made my vegan chocolate Shakeology, I like a thick texture. So I blend with less liquid. This guy has peanut butter, half a frozen banana, few ice cubes, and a little coconut almond milk. Yum! I can totally tell a difference when I don’t have this stuff in my day. I hate going a day without it!

Then I was planning my workout for my clientele. It looked so fun that I wanted to see how long the circuit would take. Just for funzies. Again, probably should have let my foot rest but it didn’t entail any jumping or anything. Just weight lifting.

IMG_4292Oh and my booty is SORE from that workout and it was only 20 minutes. Shows you how you don’t always need that full hour!

Also, right now I have a friend staying over with her kitty. So as I watched Gossip Girl on Netflix last night…Ed cozied up on my lap. So sweet!

IMG_4296May be hard to see since the lighting in my room isn’t super bright. But he is one cute kitty! I was never a cat person but between Penny (Gabe’s cat) and Ed…oy. I am enjoying them a bit more. Still want a puppy though. (*cough cough* MATT *cough cough* šŸ˜‰ ).


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