Becoming a cat lady with someone elses cat

Hello, this is Ed. My new coworker. He likes to cuddle. I think I have proven it is possible to be a cat lady with someone else’s cat, no?

IMG_4300He also like to watch me workout. Purely to watch my form.

IMG_4304Just kidding. Anyway, my blister felt a lot better but didn’t want to push it by going for a run. So I did two P90X3 workouts. MMX and Triometrics. But dang, my legs are sore from that Tuesday leg circuit I did for 20 minutes. Shows you can do a lot in a short amount of time!

I worked with my clients and they had me over for dinner which was far too sweet. It was amazing! best meal I have had in a lonnnng time! I then walked home.
Yesterday I made a goal of moving more throughout the day. So I set an alarm for every hour to remind myself to get up and move. So I either move in some way for 5 minutes, or do 2 sets of 15 reps of an exercise of my choice. Yesterday I definitely moved more. I also ended up reorganizing our storage locker since I wanted to get some clothing out of there to give away and also take photos of items we are selling.

It was a productive day, and I am going to make this a regular goal to move more throughout my work days. Otherwise I sit at my computer ALL day. Tsk tsk!

QOTD: What are some things you do to move more throughout the day?


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