Cats and Gossip Girl

Cats! Cats! Cats! CATS CATS CATS! Sorry, I can’t help it! I am a sucker for cats that are cuddly and stuff! and look at Ed!

IMG_4311He even was licking my hands as I typed an email. It is hard not to be distracted!

Thursday my blister was feeling so much better. Made me feel okay to go running. But little did I know that my technology would all turn on me. Hey, we will get to that soon.

First I got ready to do some P90X3 CVX. I was…womanly cramps, so it wasn’t as easy as I would like. You know. Convincing the little PMS dragon lady within to get all sweaty and such? Just kidding. I don’t get super cranky but I do get a lot of pain and fatigue during this time of the month. Oh and I may spontaneously cry sometimes. No big deal ;). HEY WE ARE ALL GROWN UPS HERE…I think.

IMG_4316After one P90X3 disk I was going to do a second, but looked outside and thought. Hmm.. maybe I will get a run on while the blue skies are out. After some work and lots of convincing, I got changed and went out.


My newly repaired Garmin will not turn on or charge. WHAT?! That is a great way to make an excuse not to run but I went upstairs and grabbed my phone with my “map my run” app.

IMG_4323Did a bit of a speed session with some pick ups and such. No issues with my blister AND cramps were gone for a few hours. This is why I exercise even if I have bad cramps. They make symptoms of PMS not as bad. As for my Garmin, I am going to call Raytech (The Canadian Garmin repair company) and see if they can help me properly soft/hard reset it. Otherwise the warranty is still intact and they’ll take it back for repairs.

I had a webinar that I paid to be apart of in the evening. Dani Johnson. This lady knows her stuff I tells ya! So I listened to that for about 2 hours and 30 minutes and took lots of notes. I also ordered one of her products.

Then I relaxed with Ed and some more Gossip Girl. Gosh I forgot how much I loved this show in high school. For those who have seen it, does it seem like when EVER they actually gossip or do something bad like kiss someone else’s lover..they pan the camera and there is someone there to over hears it/over sees it and it’s like “OH NO NO I DIDN’T MEAN THAT” *person tears up and runs off.* Like every episode? Karma strikes fast on these characters it seems! 😉 Also, it is interesting to see the mobile devices that were the “it thing” in 2007ish. Anywho, I will get back in my closet with my high schoolish obsession of the moment!


Ed kept staring at me from over top or on the sides of the computer and it made me laugh.

Oh what other technology hates me? All of a sudden my mac book pro charger was having issues. I am hoping I fixed it since it seems to be okay this morning, but I swear if my computer craps out on me I may cry a little.. okay a lot. I use this thing everyday! For my blog, videos and work. Anywho, I am praying that all my technology woes are really not that bad and maybe disappear!

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