Gossip Girl. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Did you all have a lovely weekend?

I didn’t blog yesterday since I didn’t have too much to report. Saturday was pretty relaxing. Just took some time to myself, watched tons of Gossip Girl.


No Blair. I am not kidding. I have a problem. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL.

And then I went to church in the evening. The usual :).

Anywho, Sunday I got up for my run. I was in a better mind space than last week. I had 27 km on the menu. I used my Nike Plus watch since I had to mail my Garmin back to Raytech to get fixed..again. So I don’t know if this GPS is as accurate. I have seen in the past this watch be off by a long shot..and yes I do wear the Nike plus chip on my shoe. Boo! Anyway, no issues with the watch. My only thing is I find the alarm to be super quiet. So a few times I missed my walk break. But otherwise I like the easiness of the watch.

IMG_4365As for the run, it felt so good. I made a route I haven’t done before. I decided to run out to Royal Oak and come back into town via Lochside trail, which is one of my favourites. I love the nature around that area. Beautiful trees, farm land, ponds and the sound of the crunch of my runners in the gravel. I felt well fueled and strong while out there. I finished up listening to my audiobook, Divergent. Can’t wait for the movie!

I then popped down to Gabe’s for some baking fun. She surprised me with my favourite peach ring candies…from my favourite place. BULK BARN. She is the best! So good. TOTALLY spaced and didn’t take a pic of the cake but it looked delish. Picture a custard filled white, 2 layered, cake with coconut flakes all over it. Just Pinterest it. I mean it practically looked like something from Pinterest. Totally.

Then Suzie, Maddie and myself went for sushi at one of my favourite places, Shima. I was SO hungry after all my running so I ordered lots of yumminess.



We sat and chit chatted for 3 hours, just like what Suzie and I did last time! Love getting out of the house and having some good girl time. We are all in the same boat with things right now so it was good to chat and be there for each other!

Also, I ordered things that I don’t usually go for. Chicken terriyaki roll, BBQ eel roll, and salmon avocado roll. I started with pork gyoza.

Then I went to bed …to watch Gossip Girl. When I got a lovely message from one of my sister in laws. Gillian and I talked for a good hour and 20 minutes late last night which was so nice. I love being able to catch up with my family! I remember wanting a little sister when I was little and look at me now! I have three lovely ones :). I am very very blessed.



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