Early morning run

Oh baby.

Haven’t woken up that early for a run in a long time. An old running partner and I set up a time to run..at 7 am. Which may not be crazy early, but lately I have not been running before 10 am.

Even Ed was confused as to how I could leave so early.


It was a toughy but went out there. It was spitting rain but nothing too crazy. I kept thinking how my Nike plus watch seemed off. It felt like our pace was totally different than what it was reading. So when I got home I mapped it out on mapmyrun (which is my favourite go to app and site for this sort of thing). I was correct. The distance my watch was telling me was off from what the mapping was telling me by almost a kilometer.

IMG_4431Good run anyway. Glad I did it so early. I had my Shakeology and got ready for my P90X3 workout. Can’t believe I am almost done the program. No signs of my 21 day fix yet. Le sigh.

I tidied up the apartment a bit and started packing for my trip to California. I am going to Vancouver a week early for my mommas birthday and to hopefully see my good friend Natalie before she leaves on her trip!

I keep looking at the temperatures in San Francisco and San Diego. I am doing what I can not to pack too much but also make sure I have all my race day attire. I noticed the temperatures in San Diego have been around the 18-28 mark so we will see. Hopefully what I packed will do.

I pack so far in advance! does anyone else do this? The only time I didn’t do this was on our honeymoon. I guess I felt less stress since we have access to laundry throughout the trip..where as here it is a bit different. I have been researching the things that are around both hotels. I have informed my brother that we are going to Trader Joe’s when we get to San Francisco. It just has to happen.

For dinner I made up a random mix. Sausage, a poached egg over quinoa and lots of veggies.

IMG_4443Then I concluded the night with Gossip Girl in bed. This is the life.


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